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WK5R3 repeat - DONE IT !!! Thank you!!


So last night l said l was going to repeat all of Wk 5 as l felt l had lost confidence since not managing wk5r3. I got some replies advising to just repeat wk5r3 not the whole week. l took the advice, slowed right down and this morning I DID IT !!!

I cannot believe l ran for 20 mins! Me - 20 mins non stop. WOW. On absolute cloud 9. Thank you so much for the great advice.

Love C25k and the support of this forum ❤

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Anazing!! I can’t even imagine getting that far. Well done you!

wmw1973Graduate in reply to therunningma

Trust the programme & the advice on this forum & you will. Promise ! X

Isn't it great? Congratulations 😊

wmw1973Graduate in reply to msanni

The best!

Well done wmw1973!

Onwards and upwards!

Enjoy that high👍

Liz x

Wow well done! I have that to look forward to this week , 20 mins sounds a lot !


Well done you, I knew you could do it!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Yes, 20 minutes is a real milestone - makes you feel like a proper runner! Well done you.


Brilliant! Well done! You must feel amazing 🎉🎉

Well done! Great feeling isn't it? 😁 🏃🍾🎉

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