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W5R2 Done

Woke up this morning thinking I had to do W5R3 but in fact it was W5R2 so 8 mins x 2 and not 20mins which was a relief since the weather outside was blowing a gale and pouring with rain. Yesterday I was wondering how on earth I was going to move onto 20 mins when I had only run 5 previously so when I realised it was 8mins I thought to myself thats good its only 8 mins! Looks like reverse psychology works for me!

So off I went out into the worst weather we have had in ages. The first 8 minute went well as I really needed to warm up (it was freezing) plus I had the wind (gales!!) behind me but unfortunatley for the return 8 minute run the wind (gales!) was blowing directly at me. From an observers point of view I must have looked hilarious trying to run against a force 9 gale, legs moving but not actually getting anywhere!!! Poor Laura was doing her best to keep me motivated and bless her she managed to get me to the end. Despite all this I actually enjoyed myself and although I am still worried about the 20 minute run to come in a couple of days I will be putting my trust in Laura and if the weather is horrible I really dont care.

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Well done on completing the run - don't be nervous about the 20 minutes, just believe in yourself and you will do it. I have just arrived back from W5R3, and it felt like most of the way I had the wind against me! Didn't think I would do it, but I did and so will you.

Good luck and enjoy!


Great run, your next one will seem easier as you had to work extra hard today running against the harsh elements, you can do it as you have already proved :)


Thank you for your kind comments - its true that the real battle is with your own mind rather than your fitness. Have just put some running music together to give me an extra boost. Will let you know how I get on facing the 20minute challenge


My mum and I completed the 20 minute run just recently. Never ever thought we could do it but as Laura says, you've done all the training it's just in your mind. I'll tell you though, once you've done it it's the best feeling ever! Good luck, hope the weather isn't too bad.


Well done, I only ventured out of the safety/comfort (boredom!) of the gym during week 8, and I am really not sure that I would have persevered if I had had to run outdoors in the recent very testing weather conditions!


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