week 6 is done!

Just did R3. This week is pushing me...but I am pushing back and made it through the 25 mins. Map my Run told me I did 3.73km of running. A little gutted that I didn't get to 4 but its not too far away. My speed averaged at 6:49 mins/km... sooo...there is some work to be done!

with all the different runs its been hard to compare time and distance as it looks like my speed is better and distance more, but thats just becuase I am running more and walking less - week 7 will let you compare similar runs and (hopefully!) see some progress!


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7 Replies

  • Well done ReyC! I completed W6R3 this morning (in heavy rain and wind) too. I only did 2.8k though, so I'm impressed with your speed! Week 6 has been good for me. It wasn't easy, BUT I have felt physically prepared for the challenge and have managed to battle to the end of each run. My progress over the last 6 weeks is amazing and I am interested to see what will happen over the next 3. Off on holiday to Barcelona first though!

  • nice one hennith! I thought we may be doing this on the same day - great going. I know what you mean - it has been hard but I am prepared. I do think that at the point you can run for 25 mins the rest really is mind over matter. No more walks now - yeek.

    Very jealous of your holiday. Hope you have a blast!

  • Thanks - will do my best!

  • Tried this run this morning but failed miserably and ended up hobbling home in a huff, I was tired and as always set off for my 6.30am run in ok spirits but 10 minutes in had to stop and walk for a min then ran another 4mins but my legs just wouldn't go any further , my breathing was fine just my legs. So completely depressed myself and lost the confidence I had last week. Well done to those of you that made it through , come Thursday I'll be trying again , and again.

  • I was just like that for my first go at W5R3. I just said to myself it obviously wasn't a good day for me, had another go in a couple of days time and that was fine. Bet the same will happen to you on Thursday!

  • Thanks hennith , hope it goes well Thursday don't think my family could cope with another stroppy mummy after a bad run. Funny how quickly you become obsessive about running.

  • Good luck on Thursday! I'm sure you'll be fine, everyone has inexplicable bad days and this just must have been yours. Let us know how you get on!

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