My first 5k!

My first 5k!

I graduated in May where I ran 3.7k and promised myself that I would get to 5k within a month. And so I did, today. Yippee, yeehaw, whoopee!!!

39 minutes of snailrunning, but I did it and it wasn't too bad. I enjoyed most of it.

It was a beautiful run around a lake. Lots of other runners and dog walkers out, some fast, some slow, some young, some old, some skinny, some overweight - I really don't feel strange anymore when I run - I'm just one of them.

Some smile, some need a smile, and I had plenty of smiles to give.

My first 5 k - a day to remember :-)


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  • Yay! Well done you! You're going to be buzzing all day! Have a great one!

  • Thanks - I think you're right - my smile goes from ear to ear.

  • Sending you lots of smiles - well done.πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜›πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜œ

  • Thanks, lots of smiles right back at you :-) :-) :-)

  • Well done, Iben! You're really doing well at the moment and you've put a big smile on my face. A good time for a first 5k as well. I love your enthusiasm - I need to get out there today, but feeling a bit tired.

  • Thank you, Jay! And you just have to get out there - the sooner, the better.

    Have you ever regretted a run? Nope!

    Have you ever regretted skipping a run? Yep!

    Off you go!

  • You bully you! My problem is rather staying sensible - yesterday was a fasting day (explains the tiredness today) so have had to stock up a bit on energy before I run. Will go in about an hour when the calories have come through and my stomach is not quite so full. Saturday is the one day of the week where it is not wise to run on empty!

  • Okay then, stock up on energy before you go. Do you fast every Friday to lose weight? And is fasting really fasting or just a very low calorie intake? I've just decided to lose the first of the two excess stone that I am carrying, and a weekly fasting day could be part of the solution

  • Hi Iben - I did the "fast diet" for a couple of months last year. (It's not really fasting - it's actually a day of restricted calories. Women stick to 500 calls, and men to 600.) The first two goes are a bit of an effort, but you get used to it! I found it improved my general health as well as my weight - really cut down on my morning aches and pains!

  • Everyday for a couple of months??

  • No - just 2 days a week! You eat perfectly normally for the other 5 days. Make sure your "fast days" are spread out - don't do two fast days together.

    It's so much easier when you know you are effectively "dieting" just for one day at a time, and you can go back to normal the next day.

  • Good! I thought for a moment you were starving yourself, Katie! 2 days a week sound manageable and reasonably healthy.

  • I really fast (or try to). Only water or tea for 24h, just about every Friday (according to whether life gets in the way). I only do one day a week, couldn't face 2 and it's my own adaptation of the 5:2 diet. It works quite well, especially as you're supposed to eat well on the days before and after. So no restrictions at the weekend.

  • I might try it out. Not eating at all is sometimes easier than eating a bit. A bit tends to get out of hand for me...

  • Same here. Eating nothing does actually work.

  • Well done, I'm smiling here with you. That's a great achievement, you must be so pleased with yourself. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I hope to be posting something similar one day πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Lochie, you will definitely get to 5k one day sooner than you think. With those new really nice shoes of yours, there can be no doubt.

  • Ooh well done. Your run looks a lovely route as well. I'm about to meet my sat running friends for a run and a catch up :-)

    It's surprising how a c25k programme can have such an amazing change on your life

  • Sounds nice with running friends. I'm joining a club on Tuesday. A bit nervous about it, but I think I'll like to run with others once or twice a week. We'll see how it goes.

    And I too am really surprised by the impact the running is having on my life - hasn't changed my body much yet, but my mood is better and my stress level is down.

  • Are you or have you run with a group today ???? If not... hope it goes well..if you did..hope you enjoyed it! :)

  • Oh, I loved it - see my post :-)

  • Wow IbenCopenhagen i bet you are still buzzing from that one, well done, that's amazing. What's the next goal to set yourself?? Good luck with your running club πŸ˜€

  • Thanks, it is great! My next goal is to be able to do 5 km comfortably (today was way more comfortable than I had dreamed of) and lose 1 stone in 6 weeks.

  • Yay! Well done!! And a fabulous time too! Slightly jealous! Such a buzz isn't it? :)

  • I'm so happy! It really is a buzz! The time is as good as it gets at this point. I don't know if I'll ever be much faster, but I would love to do 5 k in 30 minutes. I just don't think it is realistic for me to aim that high with my current weight and fitness level. That will have to be a long term goal.

  • Ahh you never know, you're so close! Still, 38 minutes is something to be proud of :)

  • Well done you, your first 5k is always a bit special.

  • Certainly is!

  • Congratulations! Great to know you have achieved it. Looks like a lovely route, maybe it will become a regular route now for you? What is the next challenge?

  • I think it could become my favorite route - I enjoyed it a lot. My next goal is to be able to do 5 km comfortably, even though today was way more comfortable than I thought it would be, there is still a bit of training to do before I can keep a conversation going while I run...

  • Well done, Iben! 39 minutes is a good time, too! :-)

  • Thanks Katie!

  • That's brilliant - that first 5k is magical!

  • Thanks Yatesco!

  • How's your back, by the way? Any improvements?

  • Not really :-(, but thanks for asking. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are making a difference but I am still practicing the 'old man walk'. At least it matches my running 'old man shuffle' :-)

  • Oh no, not the reply I was hoping for. Sending you healing thoughts!

  • That's our girl. Huge determined lady and loving every moment.Smiling for youx☺

  • Thank you, Oldfloss! Wouldn't say that I loved _every_ moment, but definitely most. Up until 3.5 k I was easy going - after that I got tired, but kept going - slow and steady!

  • Congratulations. Sounds like a lovely run for your first 5k. Glad it went smoothly and you'll have lovely memories 🍾😊

  • Thanks Bamb0014!

  • Well done IbenCopenhagen , now you have a time to work on, that 1st 5k is amazing ☺

  • Yes, I would love to get below 30 minutes, but that's gotta be a long term goal. For now I want to be able to do 5k comfortably. I want to feel about 5k the same way I feel about 3k today - "just a short, comfortable run - no effort really" - I think that will help me make running a habit for life

  • Absolutely brilliant, Iben- congratulations! You'll be buzzing all weekend :)

    Good luck with the club run- I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  • Thank you! Did you go for a parkrun today?

  • I most certainly did - I loved it. I'll post some ramblings soon. :)

  • Great! Will look forward to reading them :-)

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Well done! Be proud and celebrate! You are getting stronger and stronger!

  • Thank you, Paola. I keep thinking I deserve an ice cream for doing the 5k, but I'm trying to lose a stone - so I'll have to make do with something else with fewer calories...

  • Exactly like me! And I didn't ran 5 km yet! 😊

  • Absolutely fantastic our lovely Iben !

    Massive hugs (((( ))))

    You had a goal in mind and you achieved it ! The sky's the limit for you :-)

    Well done to you. I am so pleased for you !

    Woo Hoo ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you so much, Poppypug. You're right. This running business is going really well for me:

    - Convince myself to get started (hardest part so far) - check

    - Complete c25k/run for 30 min without stopping - check

    - Run 5k without stopping - check

    Wauu, that's some progress I've made! I don't know about the sky being the limit, but I would settle for less if it makes me feel this good :-)

  • Nice one :) :) I'm jealous of this big lake you've run around! It sounds lovely !

  • It is a privilege to have places like that to run.

  • Thats brilliant Iben :) congratulations, great progress and a very good time :)

  • Thank you, Ali!

  • Well done. I can still recall my first 5k, this run will be special for years to come.

  • It certainly feels special somehow :-)

  • Congratulations m'dear. It's a great feeling, isn't it! :)

  • Wonderful, AncientMum, just wonderful. Can I do it again tomorrow morning, please?

  • Brilliant - great feeling isn't it!

  • Oh yes, really is!

  • Well Iben your journey goes on. Each new milestone gives you such a buzz of excitement. I do enjoy reading how your progressing. 5k is a massive milestone when you consider where we all started.

    Still huffing and puffing but going much further than day 1.

  • Still huffing and puffing, that's for sure, but I love this journey.

  • Excellent work!

  • Thank you, Scoobydavid

  • Yay! That's fantastic! Looks like a beautiful place to run too. Congratulations xx

  • Thank you Curlygurly!

  • Hey well done Iben! It is funny how getting up early on a Saturday for a run actually beats lying in. Pre c25k I'd have found it hard to imagine that. Inspired by your post about club running I have a club lined up to start end of July. That's when theytake in beginners, work on technique and they run Monday evenings in the forest 8 km. Not really beginners, is it?! Their more advanced runners do 18 k though and that sounded over the top to me. Maybe one day, some distant day! I've also noticed a crowd of women runners (is that the right collective noun - a madness, a huddle, a struggle of runners?) leaving a running shop near where I live. That might be a convenient group to join in winter.

  • Oh I'm so glad I inspired you to join a club. I must say that 8 km sounds like they haven't really got any idea about beginners... I hope it turns out well!

    My first encounter with my running club is on Tuesday - i'll report back as soon as I step in the door afterwards :-)

  • Well done Iben!! x

  • Thank you :-)

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