Redo of W3R1

Well after having to restart week 3 again, due to me being I'll for a while, I redone week 3 run 1 and it was a killer (like it was the first time I tried it) but I was able to do it without stopping which is great. I was a bit worried that after all the hard work I put in before that if I stopped I'd revert back to how I was when I first started but it seemed to have went well .... Although I'm pretty sure she lies when she says "one minute left" on the last run because that felt like 3 minutes on its own ha ha

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  • Back in the game, well done πŸ‘πŸ» yes I know what you mean about Laura, I'm sure she told me there were 60 seconds left twice in the last run about 40 seconds apart. I may have been a little rudeπŸ™„πŸ€”

  • Well done! Laura can be a little tease. but, she will get you there.. no problem! :)

  • Yeah I believe she will is it OK to shout at her though and tell her off ha ha

  • We've all done it.... my favourite reply was, when she said "Finish in style"...."... You just have to be joking... I will be lucky to finish !!!"

  • Glad its not just me who thinks this then ha ha

  • I have had to re-do bits here and there largely due to difficulties finding the time to run but I think it's just the way it goes. I am hoping that I will do this less and less as I get in the swing of it (I am only at the start of week 3).

  • I had to redo week 1 about 3 times before I actually moved onto week 2 due to my asthma I had to stop a couple of times mid run to breathe again but now I don't stop I just take it mid walk ha ha so you will probs see that you'll Improve :-)

  • Well done - it's tough but you're doing it!! Enjoy the feeling of ticking off another milestone and keep going. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Sorry for all the late replies guys I posted that last night and just fell straight to sleep and only had chance to check now .... I am normally better at replying ha ha

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