W3R1 - didn't get as far as W2!

Hello, this is my first post, just found this forum a few days ago, glad I did! I now know that it's OK top go slow (phew!) but honestly, I didn't get nearly as far as usual on my first run for week 3 when the half time bell rang, and still had quite a walk home after the podcast finished, even though I turned back at half time. Is this normal? I did run even more slowly than last week as I was afraid I wouldn't manage the 3 minutes but even so!


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  • *to not top!

  • Is it not because it's just a shorter programme? You have 5 min warm up walk, then 90run/90walk then 180run/180walk 90/90 180 + 180 cool down total 14 minutes walking, 9 minutes running.

    But Week 2 has 5 mins warm up and cool down, then six reps of 90/120 so 9 minutes running (same as w3), but 22 minutes walking.

    So week three seems to have the same time running, but 8 mins less for walking.

    So I didn't get as far either! also Jo called "time to slow down" 15 seconds early on the second 90 second run - so actually less running than w2 in this case (though I made up for it by running for 30 seconds during the cool down as I felt I'd cheated!

    Not sure if this is a feature of the app rather than the podcasts?

  • Oh! Haha! I thought they were all the same length but I see what you mean now! Phew, that's alright then! Anyway I've done all 3 now and really enjoying it, how about you? I do have to make sure I run really slowly or I end up gasping for breath. I definitely seem to be improving though :) Thanks for replying!

  • Hi, there! Yes I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more. I think when I got to W2R3 I started to think that this is quite enjoyable rather than Oh Lord how am I going to get through this! How I will cope as it ramps up through the weeks remains to be seen!

    I also find myself restless on the "rest" days and wishing I could do it again. I'm about 2 stone overweight, but not exactly a couch potato as I cycle 6 miles into work every day.

  • Same here, I'm 2 stone overweight too but I do a bit of cycling and walking and I go to the leisure centre to fitness classes when I can but I've never been good at running, but this is the first time I've actually enjoyed it. It's quite nice having the decisions made for you as to when to run and walk instead of feeling like a failure all the time because I haven't run very far, it's nice to be told that's OK! Yes, it does seem to escalate quickly after this next week or two, we will do it though! :D

  • I know what you mean about having the decisions made for you - so you don't feel guilty when you stop running and start to walk. So far I've found Jo and Michael to be the most motivational trainers. Caroline felt more like she was just reading from a script without talking to you. I've yet to try Sanjeev. Probably next time, so I've sampled all of them!

  • The other thing that was really helpful was the running tip in the middle of the first three minute run (about not bobbing up and down too much). Not so much that I noticed if I took up the hint - but more that it took about a minute to explain, and when you're listening to the explanation you're not thinking about the fact you're running, so the time whizzes past much more quickly!

  • Yes, I agree, it was a useful tip but even more useful to pass the time! They should do quizzes!

  • Haha, I've only tried Sanjeev! I might give the others a go just to see what they're like but I'm happy with him. I thought the other one was Sarah though? I wonder if they all follow the same script. Did yours say 'don't worry, there are no actual hurdles' after talking about overcoming them? I though that was quite funny.

  • No - nothing about hurdles! I think it's basically the same script, but there are some variations. Jo Wiley is the other trainer. Will have a go with Sanjeev next time. You know I'm actually feeling frustrated that I'm not supposed to do it tomorrow and have to wait till Wednesday!

  • I know what you mean, I did mine yesterday. Mind you it was raining pretty hard all day today but I would have done it. I have done two days in a row before but don't tell anyone! I've got to cycle 8 miles tomorrow to get my car so don't know if I'll do a run too though, I'll see if I have time.

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