W3R1 completed - so happy!

Having started C25K four weeks ago and enjoyed it, I was really disappointed when I picked up a couple of injuries (knees and shins - not sure how I did the lot in one go on W2R3 but I managed it!) that stopped me from running. I'd also just gone and had a gait analysis and bought lovely new shoes - they stayed in the box for the 2 weeks I had to take off! I did plenty of stretches, got some knee braces to wear when necessary and tried to do as much walking as possible without overdoing it but I was really worried that it wouldn't be a substitute and I'd lose the progress I'd made in the first two weeks. Last week I was working away taking a disabled lady on holiday; pushing her around in her wheelchair definitely helped build some strength in my legs!

This morning I decided that I felt like I had healed and I was ready to try running again, so I got out my new shoes (yay!), grabbed my headphones and went for it. I decided to at least try W3R1, reasoning that I'd go easy on myself and if the 3 minutes was too much I'd just go back to week 2 or even week 1. The 90 second run was fine, and I queued up my current favourite song in preparation for the 3 minute run section. I took it steady, and was so happy when I made it to the end of the segment I could have cheered! I managed to finish the whole of W3R1! I was so happy when I got home, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be even if my pace was pretty slow (11:02 for the first 3 minute run - not too bad - and 12:49 for the second). Having tried C25K and other exercises before and given up as soon as it got tough, I was doubting whether I would carry on after the 2 week break or if I'd just give up, but I didn't!

So it must be said, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now! Roll on W3R2!

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  • Well done nicole!

  • Excellent. Keep up the good work :)

  • really well done, great determination :D

  • That's great news, that your back into it so quickly, well done.

  • Well done, straight back to where you left off is brilliant. When I got injured in w2r3 I ended up back at week one! All works out in the end though and yay for new shoes, I think we need a picture!

  • That is fantastic, well done. It is very important to get new shoes out of the box!!!! I am starting week 8 on Monday, have had a knee ache along the way, calf pain which is intermittent while running and felt like my legs r tired sometimes. As I am 51, decided to make rest days non exercise days and have sometimes just relaxed in bed for an hour. Wondering if the rest days are allowing me to keep going because I am surprised I am almost to graduation in one piece! Julie

  • Well done!!! I too am off injured with dreadful knee pain after finishing w2r3..... You've inspired me to get back on with the programme once I'm up to it thanks!!๐Ÿ˜€

  • I'm happy to hear I've helped - I don't think I've ever inspired anyone before! Just make sure you rest up and don't go until you're ready, you'll get there! Feel better soon!

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