W3R1 - aka jogging at a standstill or Laura, where the hell are you????

Well I was right to be cautious of week 3! 90 seconds of running is one thing but 3 minutes is a whole other matter. The only thing that kept me from staying in bed and forgetting the whole thing was that it's still only 9 minutes of running. I did that 3 times last week with no real problems so as long as I pace myself this should be do-able right? Well kind of.

I wore my new compression socks - man they're TIGHT - this morning to see if that would alleviate some of the left calf niggles I've been having. They really helped so that's one bonus. I started out with my usual 5 minute warm up and felt really good. I breezed through the first 90 seconds without a problem and consciously slowed down for the first of the 3 minute runs. No problem! Out of breath more than I have been but I dont think I've ever run continuously for 3 minutes in my life so that's to be expected. The next 90 second run was ok but as I began the final 3 minute run, I just started to feel tired.

Laura promised to update me on my progress so I was expecting a half time heads up like the first 3 minute run....but she never came back. I was trudging through at this point and wondering where the hell she'd got to when she finally pipes up that there are 60 seconds to go!!!!! 60 seconds?????? Surely I've already done at least 5 minutes and this is some bizzare podcast glitch? But no, another 60 seconds was required so I literally gritted my teeth and carried on. But my legs were like jelly and I was almost going in reverse.

On the plus side I was still running, even if it was almost on the spot!! Thank goodness the cool down is only 3 minutes for this week so I was able to make it home more or less in one piece. I'm not very happy with it but I kept going so I guess it counts. Here's hoping I'm true to form and have a good second run of the week on Tuesday.


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  • Take it from this old codger you well , its all about pacing yourself. I am still slow Pat :-)

  • I too was cautious of week 3, did run1 yesterday, and totally fell out with that Laura woman. I felt like someone was trying to anchor my hamstrings to the ground, stopping me from lifting my legs, not that she cared,

    As for her well done pat on the back, told her about where the bright yellow thing don't shine, but all is forgiven today as I can walk. I'll call her later, see if she's free tomorrow morning.

  • Well done for getting through Fraz despite Laura's neglect.

    I'm embarking on this one tomorrow morning and it's the first time I've listened to the podcast before hand to see what's coming. I'm nervous now I know but at the same time I'm forewarned to start slowly. As you say, it's no more running than last week, just less walking.

  • Well done completing the run. To be honest I haven't worked out what is worse, when Laura seems to 'forget' and then comes in telling you that there are 60 seconds left, or when she tells you that youre half way through when you feel like you've been running for days !!

    Off for W5R3 today but think I am going to listen to my own music, I might cry when she says youre half way through and I still have 10mins to go !! Good luck with the rest of the programme ;-)

  • You did really well to complete the run I failed twice in week 3. It felt like such a big jump as the times doubled BUT I carried on and have not failed any runs since and last night I completed my 3rd 25 minute run so stick with and you will get there.

  • Well Done Fraz, I also did the dreaded W3 R1 this morning. As i started the five minute walk my feet ached and my ankle hurt and i thought OMG, should i just gone home,an thought no you can do this. The 90 sec run walk okay, 3 min run going okay i kept it steady but as i turned the corner met two horses on the pavement and road so couldn't pass and had to jog on the spot till they crossed the road lost about 40 seconds was gutted, but continued with the programme. I knew i could have done it ,so instead of the three minute warm down I started the pod cast over walked for five and then ran the two 90 seconds result 3mins. My chins hurt my ankle was killing i was walking like a drunk but i did it. Whoopee. Best of all though lost six pounds in two weeks and body shape changing can get into clothes now that i couldn't at the beginning of the summer hols. Dreading starting back at school tomoz.

  • Are you a teacher newstart? I'm a college teacher so started back last Tuesday but don't have to teach until this Friday so I have a few more days before the mayhem totally begins. Well done on the dreaded W3R1. I've decided to be positive and realise that I have never in my life run 3 minutes before and I did it twice in 20 minutes. That has to be a good thing right? Good luck for the rest of the week :)

  • Yes i am a secondary school teacher so the fun begins tomorrow with kids in and teaching the joys. You should remain positive look at W1 when just 60 seconds killed, so progress is defo being made. Just hope two days of work doesn't ruin my run on Tuesday. Reword last comment with positive attitude. I will be able to do the run after two days work .

  • I'm a teacher and have been back at school since last Thur - yes, that was still August!!! This morning I was down at the canal to do my run by 6am and was in school by 8am. Doable.

  • Well done. You'll find the 'time' in the podcasts moves at a different rate to time as we know it in the non-running world! ;-)

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