Inspired by Aliboo, W3R1

Just back from first run of week 3. Inspired by my little sisters efforts yesterday. She wants to come over for a run with me so i'd better keep up or the run will be a short one :) .


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  • 😊have faith bruv😊will wait a few weeks but you'll be fine!

  • Well done. How did you find it?

  • Not too bad elllou. Was a bit worried about the 3 minutes as had struggled with breathing the week before. I slowed my pace a little to try and compensate and it seemed to work. All about finding your comfortable pace and building up a bit of stamina at this stage i think.

  • I did the same. I slowed right down and found that my breathing settled. The most uncomfortable part was my calves. I actually quite enjoyed week 3, I think you will too. I agree, I think its about the stamina build up and taking it slow. I have read in several places about only going a little faster than a walk. I have to say, I'm about to start week 4 and it looks pretty scary, but I'm just going to have a go and see how it is. So many people have completed C25K that I have faith that I will too :D

  • Agreed, definitely worked for me. I'm enjoying it so far. I've looked ahead and it all looks pretty daunting but like you say so many others have done it. Bound to be a few aches and strains along the way i guess. Keep it up you're doing great!

  • I wish I had a little sister like Aliboo to inspire me!! :)

  • haha, brilliant Bazza. I do have another little sister. Unfortunately she would probably inspire you to eat chips and cream donuts :) . We are working on her

  • now thats just mean! :X :)

  • haha :)

  • Sibling banter I love it. Well done on getting to wk three. You never know It won't be long till you could do the winter run with us😀. In fairness take your time slow and steady you'll be running with your sis soon.

  • haha, we all get on well really :) . What's the winter run ?

  • thats the one i did in february! its on 31st january next yr i think! through London by the London eye, and get a snowflake medal! :)

  • snowflake medal!! whoo hoo.. now thats what i call ' bling' !

  • err link took me to Yorkshire Small Bore Rifle & Pistol Association L W R Postal Competition Leagues winner medals? ahh i see running AND shooting!!

  • its in the images, worked ok this end straight to a picture, but then google search only on link, blooming computers!!!!!!!!!

  • looks good though.. like your Bro I'm only on ' C25K programme' at the mo.. but 10k by January.. could always be a possibility... and the prospect of that snowflake medal..

    mmmm but on the other hand.. dont like the cold!! ( been too long in South of England.. I've become a wimp!!)

  • we're southern wimps too, don't worry! though it WAS cold!!!! :) hats and gloves weather! it was lovely to meet up with other forum users afterwards though , about a dozen or so went to the pub after for lunch :) you'll definitely be fine! :)

  • I don't think I'll book it up JUST yet though..

    need to ' walk' before i can run...

    or, more accurately, be able to run properly before i can possibly THINK of 'distances' ( and that is not guaranteed yet!!)

  • yes , good plan, i'm not booked up yet for next year......

    would be good to have a gathering again though, my first time meeting online friends but they were all lovely.... :)

  • WERE they? so totally different to in the online forum then? :) :) :)

  • aah don't be mean! :X OR.... perhaps they were just pretending to be nice??!! :X :)

    must go and finish my gardening, i'm getting distracted!! as usual!

  • that link kind of worked :X

  • err ?

    but google image search showed me the medal..

    when i looked for london winter run medal

  • well done... 'a family that runs together..' err runs together ....

    but well done on w3 r 1, each one makes you a step closer to being able to run with her.. what a great incentive too..

  • She'll be doing a recovery run so she shouldn't be leaving you for dust today ☺ have a lovely time

  • no running for me today, just george walking!! :X :)

  • Doesn't george mind? OUCH ..

  • :) !!! no hes a sturdy little thing!

  • Not very kindly disposed toward JR's today 😕 i had one here yesterday, piddly little get!

    He's here later on but will have to stay in one room today. Boundaries and limitations as Cesar would say ☺

    I hope he's well tired before he gets here.

  • that will have kept you busy! :) George bit like that when over-excited! :X

  • He's a lovely little dog and all he wants is to run about and play footy all day. He will run with me when I'm better. I can go and call for him. Ha ha

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