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W8R1 - surprised myself!

I was intending to take 2 rest days after my crummy week 7 runs but a proper runner friend said would I like to go for a run with her this morning? I was a bit nervous but said yes. No Laura cos I couldn't find my iPod and anyway thought it would be nicer just to chat if I had enough breath. No music either.

Well, well.... I surprised myself. She told me when we were in the 29th minute and I actually ran for 30!! Probably dd about 2.2 miles. It was the usual huff-puff, want-to-walk for the last 10 minutes but my friend encouraged me and I did it! I found being with someone else stopped me clockwatching and not only did the time go by much quicker but I even had enough breath to have a conversation.

I certainly needed a good run, after last week I was starting to feel like quitting, but today has got me back on track.

Ha ha, retail therapy also helped - went out and treated myself to some proper running capris instead of my scruffy old things.

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Well done, Soozz! Glad you had such an excellent start to week 8, 30 minutes, that's fantastic! 5 more runs to graduation :)


This gives me hope!


Well done Soozz you are one of my benchmarks and therefore heroines of this community! That was brilliant, and I'm following right behind, d.


Thank you, DeliaItaly, that is sweet of you. Just saw your blog about W4R1 from yesterday - well done for getting through it. I found W4 quite tough, but you will get through it if you listen to Laura! Have a good time in Berlin - and happy running.


Ah, thank you, for saying such nice things. I am so relieved it went well today. I dn't think Mo, Usain, Christine, David etc need worry just yet, I'm never going to be a great runner, more a plodder, but I so want to succeed in this!


That's brilliant Soozz. I'm so glad you had a good run, after putting in so much hard work. :) Running with someone else can really help pass the time.

I felt as if I hadn't run yesterday and really wanted to run today. Went off to the woods this afternoon (a new time of day for me) and ran for as long as I could before an uphill section defeated me. Only 25 instead of 28 minutes, so I think I'll have to do some extra week 8 runs before I can count it as a proper week. Hope you have a good rest day and are raring to go again on Tuesday. ;)


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