Week 5 run 1, B * * * *Y A M A Z I N G!!!!!!

B****y amazing, that was my husband's reaction when we got home after today's run.. He said he would go with me to keep me company and that the walk would do him good,but I think he wanted to see for himself what I could do. He's a pretty good runner so I was a wee bit apprehensive in case I wasn't able to run as Laura told me to. But I shouldn't have doubted my self, we started off with the 5min warm-up walk and when I started running he did to, oh! no I thought he is going to go off in front and I'll feel deflated, but he didn't bless him he just ran at my pace and stopped and restarted with me each time. The only time he spoke was if I said anything to him, no comments on how I was running or advice, he just trotted on beside me. When we got home I told him I was surprised he hadn't commented on my technique ect but he said I was doing OK and if or when I needed any help he wouldbethere, but for now all he wanted was for me to stay safe and injury free and continue to enjoy it. What a man, I am so lucky. Take care everyone enjoy you runs.lol C


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  • There's a good egg right there!

  • Aaahhh bless him; sounds lovely x

    Did you enjoy wk5 run1?

  • He's a keeper!!

  • What a lovely a supportive man you have. Do you rent him out? I could do with someone QUIETLY supporting me. Mine just says oh it won't last. grrrrrrr makes me angry

  • Sounds like mine :((

    And I know if mine did it with me he'd be sprinting off saying well there's no way he can run as slow as me

  • What great support and well done to you for smashing WK5R1 !!

  • You lucky lady. What fabulous support! Going to read this to my husband, although to be fair he hasn't said anything negative, yet, although there has been a slight quizzical raising of the eyebrow, which I took to mean, go for it but I'm not holding my breath. Hey ho will show himπŸ˜‰

  • Hmm all I get from my other half is "youve only got 2 chins now!"

  • Mine smiles wryly, pretends to be pleased when I push him for some kind of response, but doesn't seem bothered. UNTIL someone else brings the subject up and then he sings my praises, tells friends that I go running, quotes all my semi-wisdom about the benefits of running and generally behaves as if he's dead proud. Really sweet!

  • "When they're good, they're very very good" as the nursery rhyme goes! Glad he is! I texted mine about my W5R3 when he was away with a school trip for a week (as a teacher, I'm not that desperate...) and received the reply "We're all really impressed". I was horrified but he explained that he was really proud of me which was why he'd told all his colleagues how well I was doing. So no pressure now!

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