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Week 1 (+ a bit), run 5

Today we crashed and there were no human survivors. Husband still ill so we (child, dog and myself) left him asleep in bed and drove to a park that has a tree lined path that goes halt way round the edge, so we could run in the shade.

Got there and we met one of my son's school friends and his mum, they had been in the park playing football, they are athletic types. Had to explain what we were doing and they seemed completely perplexed that anyone should need to follow any plan to go for a run, like I said sporty types.

Started out not too badly, good pace, no wingeing from the child, dog happy - until we met the two pitbull type dogs who ran up to him to say hello while he was doing his business, the owner seemed to be freaked out by the situation, like he thought a massive fight would break out (my dog is a Jack Russell by the way). He's shouting at his dogs who are ignoring him completely, my dog is trying to say hello while pooing, leaving a trail of poo behind him and I'm trying to jog on the spot, get a bag (to collect it) out of my pocket, stop the podcast so I don't miss any and stop the dogs standing in my dog's mess. Poo collected safely and child freaks out at me having dirty hands and refuses to touch my water bottle while I put poo in near by bin. I shout at child not to be so silly, I used a bag, my hands are clean - near by people look at me with the "tut tut, bad parent" glare.

Drama over, we walk briskly on, child starts flagging, shouting "the doctor said I should walk if running is too much for me," which is true, but I shout back (I'm quite a distance ahead of him by now) "yes, but not at an amble pace," child speeds up and we are side by side again. Child drops his water bottle and another song and dance ensues re germs - my child has a bit of a thing about germs.

By this time we are on our third run and we are both flagging, as the walk between the 3rd and 4th run continues both of us struggle to talk, at the end of run 4 I had to sit down because I couldn't breath and felt very dizzy. Child was as red as a beetroot, dog had his tounge loling out of his mouth, squirted some water at the dog for him to drink and we all decided it was time to call it a day.

We are all putting it down to the hot weather, fat people are not built for hot weather. And I did catch the sun a little yesterday! These might be excused but we will continue, it just might take longer than the allotted 9 weeks before we get to 5k!

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That made me laugh so much, the trials of trying to run with a dog....My dog (a poodle who can run at great speed if he thinks he sees a person with biscuits but can't bring himself to keep up with my slow jog) had to be left at home once the intervals stopped as I wasted too much time trying to pick up poo/stop him begging/find him again after he wanders off, Well done to you and the boy for getting out there today, it was so hot even Andy Murray was sweating a bit and he's a pro! Good luck with you next run, let us know how you all get on.


Well done for getting out there and trying! It's too hot at the moment, so my options are up and out at 7am, or wait til 8.30pm. Nothing in between! ;)


Great post! Very funny. Makes my runs sound postively dull.

Just on kids shouting things out, mine is only 1 and 3/4's and on our walk to nursery the other morning he told two passer-bys, very loudly, to "GO AWAY". One even flinched at the severity. Needless to say I also got "bad mother" looks.

Great to be out in the sun and doing something good in the fresh air. It is hot but there is nothing better than getting all sweaty from some exercise, having a big cool drink once I'm home and a lovely shower. I always feel fresher, lighter and better for it.

Happy running!


When mine was younger he did exactly the same to man who had obviously had a stroke and was walking strangely. The man was very offended and told me so in no uncertain terms I should keep my child under control. I don't think he has children, otherwise he would know, no matter what you do, your children are going to say just what is on their mind no matter how daft, embarrassing or offensive it may be to those around. Self censoring is a learnt skill - one I haven't quite mastered, so I can't go round throwing stones in that glass house!


and despite all that you were still out there and doing, congratulations and well done for being out there at all, now it will only get easier, maybe plan for going out on your own, then I can guarantee you will enjoy it more as it will be you - alone time and so much less stress:-)

good luck on all your future runs


This has made me smile :) Well done for braving the heat,anyway ...and the pit bull types,yikes- they would have worried me. I will be doing my next couple of runs accompanied by my neighbour's dog,I am dog-sitting for a week from Wednesday.....hope my runs are a little less exciting :)

Keep up the good work!


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