Couch to 5K

W6 in the bag!

Meant to write this earlier, but, hey ho better late than never. The run went well, 25 mins of 'OMG are my legs gonna hold out?'. I had planned to run earlier this morning as it seemed nice and cool and overcast; that didn't happen and when I eventually got out it was around lunch time and the sun was out and hot hot hot!

After the first 5 minutes my legs were tired and I really wondered if this was going to be the one that would shelve my efforts. 20 minutes later Laura tells me to stop and I do happily so. I am a runner now so she says so I run a little further after a few minutes walk then again before reaching home just to prove it to myself lol.

So I move on to week 7 knowing barring injuries I can reach graduation. I am so looking forward to the next final third of the program. It's strange when I think back to myself as a child struggling at the back of the cross country runners, I wish I could go back and talk to that child and somehow guide and inspire him to realise running isn't scary, it is very much something that can be done and enjoyed even with asthma and hayfever, even with flagging confidence.

I'm sorry this blog is a little disjointed, but whilst writing it my 9 month old son has just managed to climb his way up the stairs, such a precious moment had to go and encourage him :)

Have a great week everyone.

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Well done!! I always start a run thinking that! Haha. Why do we do that?!

Good luck for week 7, you'll do great!


Many thanks Jefna :)


Congratulations and well done Ryansson!!! The transitional weeks are behind you now and you truly are a runner. Good luck with the rest of the programme. I am looking forward to reading your graduation blog!!!


Thanks Mazz, are you still just behind me?


A few runs behind. Hopefully will finish Wk6 on Saturday


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