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Hi all you lovely people, after my despair of the other night but subsequent lovely, kind words and very practical suggestions on this site i went back out yesterday!!

Best suggestions were get up and put your running gear on straight away even if you don't go out until teatime - was desperate to get some 'normal' clothes on and trainers off by 2pm which forced me out of the door! Also, do the same 100 or so yards so i'm never far from the house if i feel a panic coming one - previously i used to carry on regardless until the half time bell then immediately turn round and head for home which always took more than the remaining 15 minutes to reach!

Still didn't do all the jogs but nearly so I am claiming a victory regardless for this reason - my brisk walk was clearly far too brisk and up a slight hill so i couldn't do the first jog but i did all the rest including the last two for the first time ever so only missed one 😁

Sore heel from new trainers so have today bought some proper running socks and Compeed Sports heel blister plasters, not going to be defeated!

Have a great day all. x

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Oh you have made my day, thank you! I am chuffed to pieces for you. Take care of that heel . Compeed ..... I have a mountain of them for my holiday ! I can't stop smiling... You must be so proud of yourself!

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Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Mrsrun

Thank you so much Mrsrun. Your wonderful words to my desperation post were ringing in my ears when you said "I do not push it too far.... But I do push it". Thank you 🥰 x

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Ah well done for getting back out there! Those Compeed plasters are the business, whoever came up with them deserves a medal 😊. Well done again 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.

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Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Frenc

Thank you Frenc. I have no idea how people wear trainers for pleasure/to the pub etc. I have dozens of pairs of high heels and they never hurt my feet! To clarify i don't actually work on the farm and can't remember the last time i was in the milking sheds, i am a consultant solicitor with a big desk and comfy chair 🤣

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FrencGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

My image of you gallumping around in wellies has completely changed! Ah me my heel wearing days are well and truly over but I used to really enjoy wearing heels 👠🤣.

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Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Frenc

Haha, sorry to ruin your image! I think people may have the wrong idea, I am not the milk maid 🤣 and yes heels and a working farm do not mix. I have to get out the car and open 2 cattle gates to reach the main road, one on a rough muddy track so always have riding boots in the car.

Wouldn’t be seen dead in work or on a night out in anything other than heels. Maybe why my calves ache so much after a jog, flattish trainers?? X

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FrencGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

Ooooh yes that’ll be why - our calves bunch up and get tight in heels, so they’re probably getting more of a stretch then they’re used to. I would stretch them days you’re not running too at the end of the day, that may help 😊.

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Frenc

Oh you two are making me laugh!..

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Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Mrsrun

Did you also have an image of me “gallumping around”? 🤣 x

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

No I think I read in an earlier post that you wear heels .... Mind, you can get wellies with heels!.... You could get a nice pair to match your office wear !....

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Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Mrsrun

Ah but can you get high heeled trainers!? X

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

Oh I do not know..... I wear Hokkas for walking sometimes and they have a huge platform ! I am a bit of a tom boy but have to have good hair and lipstick .... Not whilst running I must add!..... But walking a must!

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Well done you what a massive achievement you have every reason to claim a huge victory and celebrate your bravery. My tip is keep telling us how it’s going. It definitely picks me up and supports me through the journey. Wooooo - wooooo you did it 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thanks Poppdog. Another reason i went back out yesterday is all the support and practical suggestions i received - i felt a fraud if i didn't go back out! And yes i am feeling pretty chuffed now about doing the last 2 jogs and it's great being able to share it 😀 x

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Give yourself a pat on the back Dairyfarmgirl what a great achievement, the advice paid off 👍👍. The new socks should do the trick regarding blisters hopefully, people often overlook the importance of decent socks, ya gotta look after your tootsie's 👣👣👣

Good luck for the next run

Thank you so much, yes great advice on here. Never heard of running socks before, socks are just socks to me but my mum mentioned them as she was a great runner, only less so now she is 80! Maybe Compeed could sponsor the site 😀 x

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Great work!! 😍

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Oh well done you!! I always feel so much better once I have actually been for my run, even though it’s so easy to talk myself out of it. We are all here rooting for you 👏👏

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Well done to you 👏👏👏

you are getting over those first hurdles, then you will be on your way to becoming a runner!

I never wore trainers at all until the last 3 years, now I love them, if they are comfortable you forget you are wearing them (I suffered in heels for years) :)

Thanks, so what did you wear? I was debating going out in sandals tomorrow depending on how my heel is (get me, already thinking of tomorrow’s jog!!) I don’t really have any particularly sensible shoes bar my dog walking shoes which are all quite heavy… x

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Newbie59Graduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

In my younger days it was high heeled platform shoes, when I was last working it was a medium heel shoe, but then I got seriously into ankle boots and I have quite a collection of those! On a weekend it would be flat casual lace ups on a Saturday, and hiking boots on a Sunday for a full day walk (I still do the Sunday hike with the Ramblers) :)

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Excellent........of course it is a victory.

Make sure that you fully complete each workout before moving on to the next one.

You will get there.

Thanks and I do. I’ve done W1 about 6 times and will continue until I can jog all the jogs 😁

What an amazing turn around, very well done,

Thanks and I really surprised myself! X

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

When that happens it’s great isn’t it?

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Well done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I’m curious about your trainers? Are they rubbing? There are different ways of lacing which can help.

Thanks 😊

Yes they are rubbing the backs of my heels. 1 is much more sore, feels practically down to the bone! Have literally plastered on the compeeds but will still give today a miss. Will look into lacing. Thanks x

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Well done. You should be proud of yourself. That's one barrier down. Good luck with the rest of your running. I've never heard of running socks either - might have to look into that.

I am and thank you. X

Very well done! Hey think you and I might have same kind of home involving black and whites? 😂 I have never worn heels in my off farm job (teaching) but have only fallen in love with running trainers after gait analysis in a sport shop and going half a size up. I do farm as well and wellies have caused me a lot of grief! Good luck! It took me a long time to get confidence to run off farm and up the lane but I love it now and often have to stop and chat to neighbours with my bright red face!!

I think we might cow lady 😊 love the girls 🐄 I have a pair of ankle riding boots which I love but as you can imagine sometimes you need wellies upto the knee!

I read all the posts on here and it would never have occurred to me to worry about what I look like because I never meet anyone, well anyone with only 2 legs! X

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CowladyrunningGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl


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Fantastic. So pleased for you!

Thank you, means a lot 😊

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