Week nine and weight / inches loss

So I have changed my diet considerably in the last three weeks of the program, to a very low carb version, I always feel better if I keep my carbs down anyway.  But I am delighted in that time to be half a stone down and an astonishing 3.5 inches off my waist!  The other major change is that I am paying far more attention to what my body is telling me, sort of rolling that over from how my muscles are doing to what my appetite is actually saying.  I seem to have established communication with bits of me that just hasn't happened like this up to now.

Now don't all scream, but I no longer eat breakfast, having realised that I am really just not hungry when I get up.  I have a massive salad with ham, hummus or dairy for lunch, and fish or meat for dinner with either salad or veg, but no potatoes, rice or pasta.  I do eat some bread but it is high fibre and multigrain.  I have stopped drinking coffee all day, I have a strong cup in the morning but after that it is water or flavoured water.  I enjoy a small glass of red wine in the evening.  I eat a little fruit and I take a calcium and multi vit supplement.  I am only hungry just before a meal. I sometimes feel peckish mid morning but I take that as a sign to drink a couple of glasses of water.  Anyway right now this is working for me, and given that I have another four stone or so to go, thank heavens that it is working.  My body has become more muscular all over,  and eventually I will work out my fat percentage, but I don't think I need that for a long time yet.  Yesterday I started the strength and flex program, which I thought would be easy.  So why was I groaning and panting????  Thanks Laura...


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7 Replies

  • well done! low carb works for me too , have much more energy!

  • That's fantastic, well done , you have done great. I'm better too when I cut down the carbs, difficult to give up chocolate though, I could eat it all day lol...but missing breakfast???...hmm?? I'm not going to say anything, I'm sure your aware how important it is to kick start your motabalism and get your body up and running by having breakfast lol. Anyway, a huge well done, keep going xxx

  • Actually, it would appear that there is no scientific evidence that eating breakfast 'kickstarts' metabolism:


  • Thanks for that. I always thought breakfast was important, until I stopped having it and found it made no difference.  I do my running in the morning, but if I upped it to a significant mileage then I would look at eating some carbs or something before had if I lacked energy.  Right now it is not a problem 

  • Interestingly enough, a small-scale study concluded that women burned off more energy if they worked out after eating, and men burned off more energy if they worked out before eating.

    Science, eh? :)

  • Sounds good. I have two jobs and work through lunch ,I need to drink more water and I'm eating a more plant based diet. Now that it's warming up a bit I've been on the plot growing my own food and having a Fitbit helps to keep me moving must use the outside gym it's free JOY !

  • Hi there,

    I certainly found that the Low Carb High Fat diet has done wonders for my blood sugar - as a diet-controlled diabetes type 2 sufferer I was generally scoring about 46-48 in my HbA1c blood tests which is what they hope you will be getting.  After a bit of depression, eating all the wrong stuff, not exercising last year they put me on metformin as my blood test came out at about 71.  I explained that I was back to normal now, but they said Metformin was pretty much a 1-way step - I'd have to lose a huge amount of weight to even consider being taken off the drug.  I started running and dieting.  My next blood test was 47, back to normal as I'd said.  Then I changed to LCHF - next blood test was 35, totally in the non-diabetic range.  I am now off the drugs which is great.  I have lost 15% of my body weight from calorie counting followed by LCHF - there's a long way to go (if I lose another 3 stone I will have a BMI of simply FAT!), but it is wonderful to know that you can reverse this health issue which used to be considered a one-way street, and LCHF is so much easier to follow and stick to than any other diet regime I have tried.

    Well done, Bulgarianlily, you are doing great things for your body.  Keep it up!

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