Couch to 5K

best food to eat for completing this program

Can anyone help with the above. I try to eat healthy everyday with lots of fruit, salad chicken and not much in the way of carbs as i find they make me feel sleepy. I usually have veggie soup and a slice of wholemeal breadfor my evening meal as i need to be alert during the day whilst at work so rely on chicken and salad and fruit. I must admit i am not a breakfast person so don't eat cereal. Since starting this program i am aware that i need to fuel my body and if i want to gain muscle rather than fat i need to eat protein but if i eat too much food i feel bloated and lethargic. Can anyone help point me in the right direction please i am confused about food especially with all the issues around sugar and what fats to eat in the media right now.

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The nhs choices website has some really good general tips for healthy eating. I know as I have progressed through the program my body has given me clues as to what it needs by the fact I crave them. So always keep a close ear on what your body is asking for.


I just read "Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek (an ultrarunner). Inspiring stuff - basically his life story, crazy running tales, relationships and recipes - highly recommend it!

In the last 4 weeks, I've completely ditched wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee, etc... in favour of mainly vegan, with the odd egg. Not much fruit and nuts, more veg and seeds. I have more energy than I used to. Radical change, though.

Try steamed kale, tossed in chilli/garlic oil, sprinkled with sesame seeds and a soft-fried egg on top... mmmm!!!


He's an ultra runner, running 100 miles races, and training for most of the year so he has very specific needs and must take on huge amounts of calories. You can lose weight and be healthy without giving up everything. It's all just a case of everything in moderation I'd say. He decided on veganism as he felt that his body would recover quicker from injuries. I would say to everyone that they should eat breakfast. I can't imagine leaving the house without it.

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Fair point.

Whole foods rock, though! ;)


I only allow myself carbs on a running day and then a few hours before the run not after. I've always followed the principle of 2 thirds veg to 1 third protein and eat a lot of soups and casseroles and salads. I'm overweight as I had a bad snacking habit which I'm overcoming and the weight is coming off naturally. I strongly believe if you stick to natural foods avoiding processed rubbish where you can your health with thrive. At almost 50 I recently had a medical scored out of 10 where I had to score 5 or less given my age and family history. I got a 1! Without the excess weight it would have been a zero. There's a lot to be said for a healthy diet :-)


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