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Weight loss and C25K

Hi everybody!

Unfortunately I couldn't start week 3 on Wednesday evening as planned, due to severe tummy pains throughout the day. I ended up going home after work, napping for several hours, washing my hair and then going back to bed again! I did complete W3R1 tonight though, and I feel such a sense of accomplishment! I always hated exercise, but now that I want to complete the programme and succeed, I feel unstoppable!

Anyway, my main reason for posting tonight is a question about weight loss and C25K. Now I know that it's hard to judge because everyone's metabolism is different, and everyone has different lifestyles which can affect these sorts of things, but one of the reasons for me doing this is to help me to lose weight. I am 5ft2.5 (that half an inch makes all the difference!!) and about 10 stone 12 pounds - overweight. I'm also eating healthier (especially now that the Christmas chocolates are out of the way!!). I'm a 24-year-old female.

So, I was just wondering what C25K can do for someone like me who is trying to lose weight =] That isn't the only reason why I'm doing C25K, but it is important to me that I lose some weight before I move to Hong Kong later this year.

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I doubt if you will loose much weight if any at all while doing c25k, you have just 12lb to loose?? A good balanced diet would help just to shift that. Of course running will help greatly with weight control, but more so as you graduate and run constantly for 30 mins 3 times a week...


I disagree. I've shifted a stone since I took up running.

Combine running with eating healthily and you'll lose weight. You have to work at it but you can do it. Running helps, as does walking. Walking burns more calories as you're generally on your feet for longer. You could try and walk a lot more. Every little helps

Good luck with it!


I've lost 13lbs so far but that's eating healthy, no alcohol and I'm on week 8. But I'm 5 stones overweight so...


I think it will help more as you start to run the longer runs consistently; and rather more to the point it will help change your shape and firm you up. Eating healthy and watching the amount will help shift the weight, and the running will help to tone you


I've lost 1 stone and 12lbs so far..I have also been eating healthier and have a treat night on a Sat night. My aim is to lose 1 more stone. I'm 40 F and currently weigh 11st, My weight is up and down as I am self confessed chocolate monster 😂 !!!!


I agree that it's once you are running 30 minute's regularly that the difference starts to show. My stomach is flatter, my face is slimmer and I have toned up all over. Not really lost much weight in pounds but my clothes are now loose and I feel about 10 years younger. Nuf said? :)

Good luck and hope you feel well soon and can carry on. You won't regret it.


There really is a wide variety of experience... but no-one who started it hoping to lose weight and getting to the end of the programme seems to think "Wish I hadn't bothered doing that!" whether they are the same weight, a lighter weight or even a tad more.

I was obese when I started C25K and merely overweight when I completed it (I think it took me 3 or 4 months because Week 1 is a complete pig as far as I am concerned and they can put it in my Room 101... even though I liked that music) So that was a big weight plus for me - not all that many kilos but psychologically a lot. By the time I finished the programme I had lost the 'bustle' of fat on the top of my buttocks. That's pretty significant because, get this, I eventually lost 20kgs and got into a healthy BMI bracket and have *not* dropped a dress size (I've dropped bra band size and some of my more generously sized knickers are a little loose but that's it)

That sense of success and empowerment which you are already feeling through the programme fuels all the other things that need to happen in order to lose weight sustainably.


We're the same size and weight more or less. I've lost a stone so far following slimming world with another stone or so to go. I have to say since starting C25K I haven't noticed any difference in my rate of weight loss. I was doing zero exercise before this and lost the first stone through change of diet alone. I just want to get fitter as well as slimmer and hopefully tighten up the wobbly bits 😁


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