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Weight gain with running

Need some inspiration. Since January I have lost 5 stones working out on a treadmill and then a cross-trainer, most days doing about 30 minutes. After a little chat with friends and my sister have decided to do the GNR next September and have started with the C25K. Although I had to push myself onto W3r1. I have put on weight last week and this. I am eating the same as I was before I started this program only extra thing I am having is once I have finished my run I am having a glass of water and a lime ice-cube. At first I put it down to water retention but still putting on, since started I have put on half a stone.

Is it a case I need to change my diet, is my body keeping hold of the food I am eating to count balance the effects of running. My normal diet is as follows:-

Protein Yogurt and blackberries - Breakfast

2 Slices of white toast (plain) - Lunch

Salad with a selection of either cheese, Chicken or vegetables - Tea

With only water during the day and 1 pint of lime and soda after run with tea.

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I'd say from looking at that, you're not eating enough.

Mix things up anyway to ensure your diet is as varied as it can be. Changing your menus usually kicks off your metabolism, so ring the changes weekly. Have a really varied diet!

Porridge for breakfast with fruit (I measure out 50 g of dry porridge, good stuff not the instant one) I make mine with water but my all means use milk if you prefer Other breakfasts involving toast, bacon, egg, smoked salmon etc etc, mushrooms Muesli (50 g) and fruit and yog. Having a good breakfast is a good way to start the day and keeps you going til lunch

Lunch should be something to sit down to and enjoyed? Two slices of plain white toast is no good! Come on, be serious! A colourful plate of food is fab at lunch time (or at any time come to mention it) Some cooked meat or fish (think tuna etc) or eggs or a veggie option and a load of salad and or vegetables. With some good bread on the side if you didn't have any at breakfast, or a wrap or cracker or two. Dinner should be another colourful plate with a protein source - lovely piece of meat or fish with more veg and or salad, wholegrain pasta etc or potatoes/sweet potato. I have fruit and yogurt, nuts etc for dessert at lunch and dinner too

I lost nearly five stones and have kept it off. I drink tea with sk milk and coffee with usually semi or full fat milk (but not much) I don't drink alcohol, just fizzy spring water with lime or a tidge of elderflower cordial

I eat cake too if I've run far enough to have earned it. Usually though it's a home made fruity, seedy, peanut buttery flapjack

I hope you will keep running, and walking more, it's all good. If you eat really healthily you'll have more energy for your training

Good luck with it all. Keep posting your progress as it helps keep you focussed. Folks here are very supportive and can keep you motivated if you flag


I totally agree with misswobble ... I don't think you are eating enough..My Nan always said...

Breakfast like a King/Queen

Lunch like a Prince and

Dinner like a Pauper:)

Miss W's suggestions are great.. I don't eat cake though... but I love cheese..( I have to control that urge)

... and yes... not eating enough can mean weight gain :)

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I eat cheese in moderation. A bit of good cheese is better than a lot of poor cheese 😁


A good diet contains a wide range of ingredients to make sure your body gets enough essential vitamins and minerals. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are essential in my opinion.

If your sample menu is what you eat every day then I believe you are missing out on a load of essential (that word again) ingredients that your body needs to operate effectively.

I could not possibly survive on what you eat, unless your portion size is enormous.

What volume of liquid do you drink in a day?

Misswobble is a prime example of how to lose weight and keep it off and I would listen to her advice.

Muscle does weigh more than fat.


I think it depends what you mean by "salad" and also how much you are having of each thing.

I'd try to add nutrition, not restrict your diet.

Is your salad dark leafy greens like spinach with nutritious veg like peppers and tomato? Or watery nothingess of iceberg and cucumber?

With the toast you have at lunch, why not add protein with peanut butter or banana or even have some vege packed soup with it?

Stay away from fat free yoghurt, it just has more sugar. Fat will not make you fat (if it is moderation, and a bit of yoghurt in the morning wont do it!!)

Be kind to yourself and body <3


I agree with the above replies- I go to Slimming World and am eating far more than that, while steadily losing weight. I eat a low fat diet, but enjoy loads of variety. 😃


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