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Week 8; Run 2 - Music, weight loss and motivation!

So I did W8R2 today, and I smashed it! I was a little apprehensive beforehand as I hurt a muscle in my ass at badminton last night, and my run on Tuesday was so good, I thought it was time for a hard one... but no!

I am putting it down to a combination of things, firstly, a good nights sleep is so important, plus I am really starting to notice a change in my body shape :) I downloaded My Fitness Pal on Tues because I have heard a few people on here talking about it, and it's so handy! I have just been recording my food etc for now, so that I can look at patterns next week and see if there are any bad habits I can kick!

As for motivation, I am 5ft 5in, and in Jan I weighed 10st 4lb, and now I am pretty much 9st! Hoping to shave off the last 7lb by my holiday in July, but it's all true what people say on here, once you get to the longer runs - you will see the difference.

One thing I really wanted to share was this way of thinking I read about, where you hear your negative thoughts, but don't act on them. So, this morning, my brain said *it's your day off... stay in bed.. you know you want to* and I am like, yep.. but there I am putting my trainers on! There is no way to stop yourself thinking you can't do it, so hear the thoughts, recognise them, and continue anyway! I find it really helps, and the other way that I motivate myself to do the runs is respecting the FUTURE Laura. In the past, I have left her lots of work to do last minute, and not cared about her waistline so much, well, now, I try and care for future Laura a bit more!

As for while I am running, when I am down to my last little bit of energy, I focus on my music - which is so totally lame, I hope nobody else can hear it, and the fact that my ex won't see any of the benefits of the run.

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Great post, well done. I would definitely say that one of the by products of doing this programme is that I am mentally tougher!


Definitely with you there on the toughness - wish I had done it years ago!!


Hi Bridger, Well done on your achievments. I was just wondering how you lost your weight? You are the same height as me and I am the same weight I have just graduated and I weigh exactly the same as I did before I started. I have lost inches but would love to loose a few pounds too. Just wondered how you managed it? :)


I am not sure exactly, but I think it's a combination of making my own lunch, cutting out bread (this is a really good one) and playing badminton twice a week as well. I cannot tell you how much of a difference the bread thing makes, no other changes whatsoever, just no bread! I hope that helps!


Well done Bridger on your great achievements. I too use myfitnesspal. I have lost about 2.5 stone since beginning of Feb. I would still like to lose another 2 stone but I'm hoping that now I'm on longer runs (week 7) that I will continue to lose. It's so nice to see your body changing shape and funnily enough discovering that running is great fun!


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