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Crazy run

Not been feeling well for the past couple of days so my last 5k was Saturday which was ok. Slow but ok.  Thought to myself I have to run today but couldn't lift my head off the pillow at 6 am never mind go running. Hence I waited until 8 pm tonight to give the rain a chance of stopping. No sign of that so I decided to do my 5k on the running machine. Boy did I miss running outside. It did not go well, I was slower than outside and overheating by 23 minutes. I only managed 2.5 k in this time so in a panic I dashed outside in the still heavy rain and ran for a further 2 k (no jacket..too hot). This was punctuated by me having to stop every couple of minutes to rescue  snails heading for the road and dump them in the hedge. May as well have run in the rain to begin with. What did Robin Williams say? "You're only given a little spark of mustn't lose it" but if getting me outside because I miss running is what the C25k has done for me...I'll keep that madness thanks :)

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Running in the rain is rarely as bad as we think it's going to be, and is often really invigorating! There are of course exceptions, such as when it's a really long run and the rain gets progressively heavier and heavier and you really can't get any wetter and then a strong,cold, wind blows it in your face and you can't breath...💦💨🏃🏻💦💨but generally, running in the rain is a good thing!😀 Well done for getting out there!


Yup, we're all slightly mad - but that's exactly as it should be. And we all feel a lot better for it! Well done for getting out there😎

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