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Week 8 done!

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Today's run, the final of week 8, was a tough one. I set off on my usual route and as I was about to start running two loose horses came galloping towards me! Boy they gave me a jump! I managed to get away without them either following me or trampling all over me but it meant I needed to take a different route. It made it much trickier not having my usual spots telling me how far I've gone and so the temptation to check the clock was strong. Anyway, it's done and week 8 is done too! I still can't believe I've progressed from where I was in week 1. This time next week I should be graduating!

Happy running all!

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Sweatyfaced profile image

Go you; so exciting!! (Although yeah, the horses might have been a bit too much excitement...)

HeleneCorsa profile image

Crikey,sounds a bit unnerving! Well done for completing week 8 though - nearly there now!

Jenny1970 profile image

You are doing really well. It rubbish when something interferes with a run it can be really off putting! Still at least you didn't get trampled!

Kimchoc08 profile image

Well done and that's a great photo of you!! Roll on Week 9, you'll smash it 👍🏼

TJMazz profile image

Fantastic 👏🏼 Good luck with Week 9

Oldfloss profile image

Happy days..happy runner... happy horses.. which you can do without:) Well done you... slow and steady as you go :)

ejvcruns profile image

Only three more runs to go! go you!

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