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Week 6 day 1- did you find it tough?

Just come back from my week 6 day 1 run. I have felt under the weather this week- I think the first full run in week 5 was a shock to the system... so I have rested for a couple of days. But I found today so tough... not just physically but mentally too. 

I then saw on the app that this was a hard run on the whole. So I wondered... who else found it tough and why do you think this run is so tough after all the other ones...? 

Or is it just because I am still ill?

Interested in hearing your thoughts fellow week 6ers. xx

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Go to the top of the page and do a search in the forum for W6R1. You are not alone.

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Thanks. Didn't think of doing that.

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After all teh W5R3 fear/elation posts, it is probably the most frequently raised day of the programme. Yes it does catch you out. No one quite knows why. Going back to intervals? Pooh!  A mere bagatelle, I ran 20 mins continuous a couple of days ago!...

and then... boom! The Horror! The horror!

perhaps it is an anti climax after the buildup to W5R3, perhaps it is a deliberate thing to bring us back down to Earth again. The good news is W6R2 is not nearly such hard work. Clear path to graduation now.


Thanks for your reply, it was very encouraging. Good to know :-) 


Rignold nailed it.

It does get easier.



I've just completed it this morning and I found it really tough for the second run section. The first 5 minutes? Fine. 8 minutes? Will it ever end. Second 5 minutes? Thanks goodness it's downhill!


Glad to see it's not just me then, found W6R1 really tough last night, thought it would be a breeze after last week!


Just finished this run and boy did I find it tough! Think it was because I was expecting it to be so easy after the last run. Glad I'm not alone and it seems normal. Here's to the next run!


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