Fail to prepare, prepare to almost fail!

Landed at my desk at 07:25 this morning, left said desk at 19:05 this evening.  Lunch was an afternoon of scoffing sandwiches and cake in a meeting.  Legged it home and downed a quick cup of tea as I HAD to do W9R1 tonight, if I'm to attempt graduation at a park run on Saturday. So, quick change and charged out the door at 19:45. 

I've been wearing a bum-bag thing, to keep my phone, iPod, Ventolin, emergency cash and water bottle in but it was driving me mad as it was so bulky.  So had already made the decision to run without it tonight and carry water.  I got one of those bottles with a hole in to grip (was OK) and phone and iPod went in a pocket.

 At the end of the walk, I realised I didn't have a puff of ventolin before I left.  I was hoping that maybe I didn't need it and my breathing was all sorted now.  WRONG!  BAck to the hideous gasping of my early weeks.  I did manage to do the full 30 minutes but had to really slow down so splits were over 9 minutes (had been between 7-8).

Still, I made it and run 2 will be with Ventolin and maybe minus quite so much cake!!  Hopefully without at 12 hour day either!


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10 Replies

  • It was a cracking achievement to get out at all after that day! I'm doing my first parkrun too on Saturday, I like the idea we'll be running at the same time 😊 Only 2 more runs til you graduate x

  • Park! Cannot wait for your post x

  • Feeling excited for your graduation run on Saturday. Go Girl! 

  • I'm asthmatic too and I always take it with me. I had the same issues with bum bags so I have recently invested in a very lightweight salamon vest and it's superb. I used it on my marathon and had no chaffing, it was really comfy. Good luck, you are so close now....

  • Haha! We live and learn. Still, you completed against the odds so your graduation run should be a breeze by comparison! Good luck!

  • My best runs are with an empty tummy but as I love food,Mathis has to be first thing in the morning!  When I feel bloated, I feel very sluggish which doesn't help me.  I used to have a bumbag but found it way too bulky too so I bought a running belt. Not is brilliant and I can get my keys and phone in there.  I think an inhaler would also squeeze in too, you need that!  I don't take a drink with me as I hate lugging stuff around, so I hydrate well before I set off and have a drink when I get back too

  • I have a belt too, brilliant thing..I think an inhaler would fit🙂

  • Hi barmybint, May I suggest with the same grit that you have for going for you run, please ensure that you have something of substance in your stomach during the day. If you're well nourish, you will get more benefits out of your run. Well done. 

  • Very well done..what a run..go you! 🙂

  •  Yesterday got weirder in that hubby had a few too many and fell over - bruised ribs, legs, sliced one ear to bits and banged his head!  So, quite a sleepless night and needless to say, zero sympathy from me this morning!!!

    Thanks for all the comments, I've not been diagnosed with asthma, I just tried hubbies ventolin (2 puffs before I go on a run) which helps enormously.  I will make a docs appointment for myself at some point.  I don't need to take it with me, just remember to puff on it before I head out.  Probably with a little less cake inside me too!

    Today I treated myself to a lightweight Adidas running jacket - WITH POCKETS!! The belt is history - hurrah!

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