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W5R2 - AM Run - Fail.

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Little update on my progress. I have done W5R1 which I hate to say struggled with a bit, especially the 2nd 5min run, but I did it and thought I would repeat it again Sunday, and found it a bit easier (again trying to be conscious of my speed)

So today was my W5R2. Last night I thought I would try an early AM run, as usually I do it between 9 - 10pm.

Set my alarm at 6AM, got up had breakfast & drink (2 runny eggs :) ) and out the door at 6:30AM. Now I did my warm ups and then the 5min walk, but 2½" minutes in on the 1st 8min run, I had to stop. I just had no energy. My eggs run further than me.

It was really hot last night and I have to say I didn't get a lot of sleep, pretty restless.

So I don't know if it was that or that I hadn't drunk anything since about 11:30PM (apart from small glass with breakfast) Or that I ate before the run??

So quite disappointed with myself as its the first time I've had to stop. Normally I could've of just pushed on. I will try again tonight.

Maybe I need the day to get warmed up for it.


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Hydration is key to transport of oxygen around your body, as pointed out in this post about the crucial nature of drinking sufficient water to be well hydrated healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

In our current weather the importance is raised to an even higher threshold.

This post about preparation may also give you something to think about. healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Yeah I had about 250ml before I ran, even though I had +3ltrs yesterday. This line perhaps killed me : "500ml two hours before your run to be fully hydrated, with a top up of 150 ml immediately before you head off."But if you want to run at say 6AM, surely you dont wake at 4AMish for a drink? or do you....? 🤔

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

I always go by the classic Doctor's pee test: is you pee a nice clear light straw colour? If yes, you're good to go. If it's dark in colour, get some fluids in.

Hi John, I actually paid no attention to it this morning, I don't think it was dark. A lad in my works office is also doing C25K, we started at the same time, although he's doing it on a treadmill at home. We've had numerous wee colour conversations recently. 😄 So it is something I normally look at.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

Good to hear! Additionally, at the point you had to stop, how heavy was your breathing?

More heavy than not. But I feel I was going slow. Its like I think if I went slower it would be a fast walk. Ive have had this problem, speed, which I mentioned in previous posts. But again, I feel I went the same speed as my previous two W5R1 runs.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

That's useful to know. In fact, very useful. You're a bloke. We have egos to feed and nurture. We like to be at the front, winning, etc. It took me a LONG time to ditch my usual pace of 8-8:30 minute miles and switch to low heart-rate running, which involved slowing down a LOT , even to the point of including a lot of walking breaks to keep my HR in the right place.

Hydration, weather etc are *not* your problem despite all the replies here.

The problem is 3-fold: (1) your pace, (2) your perception of it and (3) your ego 😎

You are almost certainly doing this on your own and for the 1st time. I remember doing my first outdoor run (for 25) years after I'd graduated (had done it all on a treadmill at work) . It *felt* slow and ploddy. I looked at my watch and was astonished to see that I'd gone a LOT quicker than I thought or had felt.

The point is ... what you think or feel is 'slow' is sometimes actually quite quick. And your best indicator is your breathing. Think of it as your own canary-in-the-mine.

Aim for a pace, no matter how slow it actually is, even if it is slower than your brisk walk, that means you can talk quite easily as you're jogging along. It should feel nice, easy and comfortable. We call it 'conversational' or 'chatty' pace - self explanatory. if your breathing is too laboured, you are going too quickly.

It will be a revelation to you when you find *that* pace. AND.... as you go along with C25K you will naturally speed up at the same 'effort'.

For more info, have a read around Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE).

That's a great post.You must be right. I guess it has to be that.....

Speed / pace. My archenemy.

Its just seems so hard for me to get it right. In my head I'm telling myself to go slow, I'm so conscious of it and I feel I am going slow.

Maybe I need a running partner to say "oi, slow down fella."

Next run I're try and do better.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

Running with someone more experienced, or maybe the fella in your office, could be very helpful.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

So, despite all the detail about times and food in your original post, you've laid out the main problem in your reply above ... speed 😉 Get that right, you'll have no more problems, trust me.

Yup. Seems so. I feel so stupid now as I've already posted about speed.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

No need to feel stupid. Getting pace right is one of the most common issues for C25K beginners.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Mikey-Lowestoft

No, as I say, I make sure that I drink frequently during the evening before a run.

Don’t be disappointed you went out. As Iannoda Truffe says hydration is so important and especially in this weather. I can’t run on a full stomach and that may have made a difference too

I felt really positive about doing it aswell, which is the biggest let down. I will try again, if at first you don't succeed........

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As well as the hydration which has been mentioned , I would also avoid having breakfast just before you run .If I run early , 6 or even before sometimes then I will have a cup of tea and a small glass of water just before going out .

If I have breakfast , and that's only usually porridge then I will wait at least an hour before I go and run .

Also wouldn't advise trying it again tonight , take a rest day !

Hi. I think I will give up on the idea of a before work run for a while. Stick to evening as I've been doing. The idea/fantasy of springing out of bed, bite to eat and out for a jog hasn't started well. 😆.I last ran Sunday, and feel ok atm. If I am ok tonight maybe I try again or leave it like you say.

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This unusually hot (for Britain) weather is affecting all of us, myself included. I wouldn't be worried about being unable to complete any runs you've attempted this week.

Yeah it is. I never thought I'd actually look forward to getting colder weather or rain. My normal evening runs have definitely been cooler than 6:30 this morning.

Please don’t be disappointed that you needed to have a break, some days are just like that. Be proud that you got up and did it in the first place.

If it helps I’ve just done the two 8 minute runs and I had to stop half way through the second run, even if it’s just a quick stop or not your body was telling you something and you listened, that’s a good thing 👍

Like you say you can try again. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve repeated a ru Lyn. There is no shame in that. You’re doing great! 🙃

Thanks Jules. This morning was a case of my head was saying keep going, but my body was saying #### you. I hope this will make me more determined to complete the next run. 💪💪

Just go at your own pace, when I feel like stopping I just slow down so I can catch my breath.

That’s the best advice I can say, go at your own pace, only you know how it makes your body feel - you know when you need to slow down or stop and have a 10 sec walk, think positive - you didn’t fail

I can’t run straight after I’ve eaten. I run then eat. Makes me run faster on the way home, coz breakfast is waiting for me.

Haha, that's a good incentive!

Hi Mikey - I find that I struggle every time I get less than 7 hrs sleep. And since I started c25k I've go e to bed with a 500ml bottle of water by the bed. If I haven't finished it by morning I finish it before my run and I have a bowl porridge.

Hi mate, I never go to sleep before midnight, so usually only get about 6 ish hrs a night. But its been this way for prob the last 25 years lol. I drank lots yesterday and some before bed, and this morning my erm....wee was darker than usual, perhaps this was the same yesterday?!. So gonna stick to evening runs so I can drink enough during the day.

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Hi Mike.

Most important to take it steady. Getting a steady pace going is really quite tricky to get right. If you can get to "chatty pace" that's great. My sons advice when I got started was to slow down until you start enjoying it! Also I find it almost impossible to judge if I was quicker or not. As we get fitter then "comfortable pace" simply gets quicker.

Good luck and above all take your time. This needs to become addictive!

Thanks John, Yes speed I think has always been my main issue as I'm lanky. 😆 Gonna try again tonight.

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