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I thought I would be so annoyed by my first fail, but I am actually able to laugh about it and fix it for the next time.

Decided at the last minute to go out at 8:30am this morning. The weather was wild; blowing a gale and thundering down with rain. I have blogged a bit about my inability to do morning runs, so why I thought I could do one in these conditions with only a banana and mug of water in my belly is beyond me!

Ran for the first 15 minutes and got slower and slower until I stopped. The wind was hitting me from every direction and each time I turned a corner, it was right back in my face. I still loved the rain but man I HATE the wind!

Walked for around 5 minutes, did another minute half-a**ed attempt at a run, walked again then jogged the last 5 minutes. Calves were like lead, head was not "in the zone" and I think my body was still tucked up in bed!

I had a lot on my mind too and was worried about the house flooding again so I didn't sleep well. I'm not using these as excuses, more factors contributing to my lack of energy and motivation.

Given that I'd commented on how I was sad at the thought of approaching the end of C25K, maybe today's fail was my unconscious way of extending the programme! I'll definitely be graduating into October now but I genuinely feel that running has become a much loved part of my life, so I don't feel the pressure to finish by a certain date.

I'm still glad I went out and gave it a go, and now I'm more motivated than ever to nail my 2nd attempt at W8R3. I'm going back to evening runs for the remainder of the programme!

I hope other people have had more luck and success in this weather than I have had!

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I think you did brilliantly, you still ran for 20 mins altogether, and you had so many factors against you. Your next attempt will be a breeze... ;)


Thanks for the encouragement!


Good try, NewbieRunner!! The odds were stacked against you!! We, (gdeann and I) are just about to head out the door to do our W8R2. We have been very fortunate and the weather hasn't been an issue yet!! I give you credit for making the attempt!! Keep Running!!


Thanks smhall; you and gdeann are at me heels! hope W8R2 went well. Enjoy the weather while it lasts, ours is getting colder and darker by the day. Will definitely keep running - it'll take more than a bit of wind to stop me now :)


Don't be too hard on yourself. you got out there and you ran. That is the most important thing. You will be graduating soon. Don't you worry.


Thanks Pelephant - I plan to do my 2nd attempt tomorrow night, can't wait to get back out there! Just waiting for all my stuff to dry out!


NewbieRunner you are AMAZING!!!! I too looked at the weather, but waited until the rain and wind had stopped (I'm on the South Coast, guess you are in the North??). bad enough running in a gale, but having the worry of the house flooding again whilst you were out there was enough to make you turn for home. I do hope that you don't have anymore to cope with, can then run at a time that suits you best in good weather. You've done so very well-don't beat yourself up. Good to hear that you were able to laugh about it in the end. Best of luck for the rest of week 8 hon. Look forward to hearing that you've Graduated :-)


Lovely of you to say Pearsey! Yes, I'm in Northern Ireland and it has finally stopped raining after 2 solid days but the wind is still pretty strong. Luckily the house didn't flood this time which I was relieved about!

Thank you for all your encouragement - it really is a lovely pick-me-up!


Love Northern Ireland-haven't been there since i was 13 though-many moons ago! Do hope the winds abate for you, most frustrating when you are battling to run against them. We have the winds here to in Dorset, but I suspect not as badly as you do. Thank goodness the house didn't flood this time.

As we all keep on saying as long as you have run if you have to give up early you have not failed at all. Better than sitting on the couch. I'm for the final run of week 5 tomorrow. The weather today is perfect. What's the betting I will wake up to rain in the morning. I have to do it then as I have my sister coming to stay until Tuesday. I will have to be strong willed on Monday morning to go out and tackle week 6 run 1, or would you leave until Tuesday afternoon after she's gone?? Undecided.

Will be thinking of you with your week 8:-)


Newbierunner, I know this run was very important to you and you will nail it! I have learned there are good runs and bad runs from the get go. You were facing many obstacles and still did amazingly well! Looks like now we will be doing our w8r3 on the same day? I will be sending good running thoughts your way!!


Hi gdeann, thanks for your comments! It's nice to know others have been in the same position. I'm going to try W8R3Attempt2 tomorrow (Thursday). Good luck for yours!


I think you are a hero even to go out in this wild weather! And you ran for 20 minutes, with the wind battering you. I had my first 'fail' * run on W8R3 and although I was really cross with myself, I felt quite unwell while running and it was a huge relief to stop and walk. At least both of us were in the position that we knew we could do the 28 minute run. Next time you will breeze through it.

Hope your house is OK, you must have been worried. I wonder if you are anywhere near me ( Richmond, Yorks, where we were cut off by water most of yesterday). It was quite scary, but at least we live well up the hill so didn't have the acute worry of flooding.

* I know you shouldn't use the "f" word really. "Did not go according to plan" would be better!


Haha, yes I was thinking fail was a bit strong and I have berated others for using it on this forum! I guess we need a code word with less negative connotations!

I'm in Northern Ireland - think us and North England got worst hit. Nowhere near as bad as June and house is fine thankfully but I don't sleep well if the rain is heavy worrying that it may flood again!

Yes, I am definitely glad it happened on R3 rather than R1 as I know i can do it. I think stopping and knowing that nothing terrible happened because I stopped was a good learning experience too.

Back at it tomorrow so I' m hoping the wind dies down - I really despise it!


I have run when it is very windy, and my word it is hard work!! I salute you for braving it and venturing outside, especially in the morning, when I know it's also tougher for you. Don't beat yourself up over it, think of the positives; you have learnt what it feels like running in those conditions, it's not easy! And you did 20 minutes! Good on you!


Thanks Rollertoaster! Wind is definitely my nemisis but it's not gonna stop me! I just have to get used to it I guess and recognise it definitely impacts on my energy levels.

Yes, I guess 20 minutes is better than nothing. Onwards and Upwards for tomorrow :)


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