W9r3...park run graduation!

W9r3...park run graduation!

I did it! So so happy! (Unflattering/cheesy graduation photo attached!) 

I only managed about 3 hours sleep last night due to being nervous/back ache/snoring husband so really thought I was going to fail this one at first. Then I thought "it's graduation run you silly woman, think positive!" and so I did.

I had run the park run 2 weeks ago but couldn't manage to get all the way around without stopping....the hills beat me. This week I embraced them and made them my friends! Took them really slow and managed to do the whole 5k without stopping. My time was slightly slower by 15 seconds I did it in 36:05 but I can work on speed later.

Thank you everyone for all your support on here, I genuinely think I would have struggled a lot more without you all :)

Looking forward to my celebration take away tonight and maybe even a glass of wine if I'm not asleep by then! Xxx

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23 Replies

  • Whoop Whoop !

    Absolutely brilliant ! Many Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation .

    Fantastic time too !

    Well done and enjoy your running adventures wherever they may take you.

    Now go get that Badge Missus ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic!! What a great way to graduate, and in a very nice time too. Well done, Anica 😀

  • Brilliant well done, a great way to graduate 😊

    Enjoy your celebrations well deserved ☺

  • Well done! X

  • Excellent work! And what a brilliant time.

  • That's an amazing time - I couldn't do that if the entire course was downhill!  Congratulations on your graduation x

  • Yay!

  • Thank you everyone. You're all so lovely, this forum is by far the best :) 

  • That's a fabulous time, well done you, and parkrun! Brilliant, whoop whoop!


  • Congratulations on graduating! And lovely pic too🙂!

  • Congratulations! 😊

  • That is amazing!  I graduated at parkrun many weeks ago now in 43 minutes, so I think you did it super quick!  Once I graduated, I focused on doing 5k X 3 times a week for some time, it is a great distance and fits well into a busy week.  I have a 10k in June though, so instead of speed, I have concentrated on running further and have even managed a 15k once but my minimum long run is 10k nowadays, I just let my speed increase with my fitness and 5k still takes me about 34 minutes.  Julie

  • Thanks for the advice Joolie, that's kind of my plan 3 X 30 mins a week for a few weeks then 3 runs a week, one 30 mins with hills, one long run and one park run hopefully! :) 

  • I ran for 30 minutes at first too, just had a good day and kept going to 5k.  You will get to know yourself what you can do.  Once I did a 5k, I did another and then moved to 3 X 5k which I did for some weeks.  Had one day when I felt I could do a bit more, so kept going to 5.5k.  I didn't find plans worked for me (except C25K which was amazing) so I go with the flow!

  • Very well done :)

  • Well done!  Great time, too.  Fantastic way to graduate and fabulous pic.  Go you!

  • Yeay.. great photo... Graduate!!!! Well done you x

    Loving the badge :)

  • Yes you can tackle the hills later!  They'll still be there when you're ready to face them.  

    Great news on the Graduation! Congratulations! Enjoy your nosh and vino!  

    Lovely photo by the way!  

  • Congratulations!

  • I love the pic ! You look fab ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations Anica on your graduation

  • Well done. Love the photo too looks like a beautiful place to graduate 🌻

  • Yipeeee. Go you. 

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