Post Graduation Blues

Awful run this morning!!!

This was run two since graduation and the first without a podcast. I now firmly believe that Laura is the Gremlin master and keeps them little b**gers under a tight rein. Started OK, but got the Gremlins at about 2 miles in, I did banish them but they niggled and niggled all the way to my usual 5K stopping point. Although I managed to run it all the way it was hideous.

Laura, I’m back with ya Friday babes xxxx


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9 Replies

  • I love to run with Laura .... Try the 5k+ podcasts, I use them in rotation ;) always good to have an encourager/motivator out with you! Enjoy!!

  • Thanks Follie

    I did 5K+ "Stepping Stone" on monday. I thought I was ready to cut her out of my life and go cold turkey but alas I am just a man who needs a woman to nag him (at home and on the road) :)

  • Thing is you did it and well done :)

    Sometimes there is no explanation and a run is just difficult and feels rubbish. Its at that point you should look back that 9 weeks or so to that first 60 seconds when you thought that you and running were not compatible.

    Keep on keeping on. Its worth it. :)

  • I think that most of us go through the post- C25K "blues" - not knowing what to do and missing the affirmation that each week of C25K gave us. To me it always felt like the difference between going to school and then going to University. In school , you have "teachers" and your hand gets held - but in University you have to learn things yourself (with the aid of "guides" of course :))

    There are plenty of guides here for you after C25K

  • Great analogy Bazza! Yep, the post-graduation Blues, almost as much a rite of passage as w5r3 :)

  • If we are sticking to 5K (ie. Not trying to up to 10K) then maybe we could continue to use Week 9 podcasts for every run after graduation? I don't know, as I'm on Week 7 so haven't reached Week 9 yet - but am considering doing this to keep Laura in my life. :o)

  • I did that too Marie70, I stuck with W9 for a bit, then moved on to C25K+ stepping stone and then C25K+ stamina. I'm actually still using C25K stamina, I just replay copies of it back to back. after doing C25K+ for a while I just increased the running time by 5% each week.

  • I really need the encouragement and structure of the timed podcasts. it really pushes me along. I am now using the 5K+ podcasts on rotation. I have done Stepping Stones and Stamina a couple of times. I am avoiding Speed as this seems a bit scary. Will give it a go next week. I have also registered for a local Parkrun but cant go for the next two weeks, looking forward to running with a crowd as I have never done this.

  • Did the Stamina podcast this morning and managed to do a total of 4.5 Miles (adding the Huntingdon Ring road), this did include a two min walk at about 3.5 miles. Had to re-run the podcast at the 35 min mark.

    Looks like I need Laura more than I think :)

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