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Week 9 run 2 a big flop

Yesterday was run 2 week 9. I have been quite chuffed with myself so far...well...

I normally run with my hubby but we couldn't manage to go together yesterday. Also it was about 5.30 and I usually go in the morning. And it was hot...

I was tired before I went and took a lot of encouragement to go. After the warm up walk I was feeling ok, and I ran to my local park which was looking beautiful! I managed the first 15 minutes quite well. The park wad full of teenagers and I felt quite conspicuous in my lycra, but thought to myself, at least I can run 3 miles-I don't suppose many of the teenagers can!

I had an angel and devil on each shoulder (you can't do it-it's too hot and you were tired before you started/of course you can do this, you have already run for 30 minutes once!) I actually ran over a little footbridge that I would normally avoid because it's quite steep. I manned the little hill too the park car park, then I walked for a few steps.

I managed to run again, and did more, passing more teenagers. By this point I was at about 20 minutes.

Then I stopped. I'm not sure why I stopped, but I did, and I couldn't start again. As I walked the 15 minutes home I was really disappointed and very cross with myself. I had my hubby's phone with the podcast on and I couldn't stop the pod cast so I wad waking home past runners who were making it look effortless with Laura wittering "encouraging" things in my ear! I was getting more and more cross and more and more upset until I was walking him in angry tears, hating the world who could obviously do it better than me!

When I got home I had a rant (and a hug) to my hubby, then had a nice hot bath while he did his run. Bless him, he finished his run at the shop and bought a bottle of wine and chocolate! I know why I married him!!7

Thinking a little more logically, 20 minutes is a lot more than I could do 6 Weeks ago, and I did 28 contract last week fine.

So, tomorrow is week 9 run 3. By this time tomorrow I will have graduated- bring it run! Running Rach is back!

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we all have bad days and that was yours dont beat yourself up about it just concentrate on getting that nice shiny graduate badge tomorrow.

Good luck


Great attitude Rach !

Just one of those "bad" runs that everybody has and talks about, but when it happens to you is quite devastating.

So, good luck for graduation tomorrow, you can do it, no problem.

Let us all know how great you feel after :)


Good for you! Keep up and at 'em! Just remember that you are a very new runner. you have hardly had time to build up your stamina.

You will do this and I look forward to reading your graduation blog :)


I had a really bad week a couple of weeks ago and in the end just stopped any form of exercise for the whole week as I just didn't have the motivation. Don't worry you'll do it next time I'm sure.


Hang on in there, I had a bad one too not so long ago and it's devastating isn't it?. After mine, I was scared of going out incase I 'failed' again. But I did, and I didn't - so there you go!! Good luck, you have already got there really :)


Thanks everyone!

I had the rest day and yesterday I went and nailed week 9 run 3!

You were right, I could do it!

Thank you for all of your encouragement, you are all awesome!

Keep running!


I enjoyed reading your blog..its amazing how different things like time of day may effect your run, as for the wine and chocolate well-bliss. Enjoy and good luck for W9R3...go for it.


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