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Week 9 run 1 and 2 – towards victory


W9r1: Super-intent on taking it nice and easy during this run, as I really wanted to make sure that I would stay free of injury, and have enough fuel in my tank to complete the week on schedule.

At the start of my w8r3, I went out quite hard and not surprisingly, I got a bit too tired towards the end. This business of keeping an even pace is tricky! I set off nice and slow but within no time at all my breathing was all over the place! Really annoying as that is one thing I felt had got so much better recently, and I had really noticed the difference in how comfortable my running was when the breathing worked well. Jo Whiley obviously knew exactly what was going on and reminded me that for some runs you feel like a gazelle and at other times as if your legs are full of lead. I tried to tell her that I felt like a gazelle on the inside but my legs were clearly not connected with the rest of my body. Oh well, at the end of the day, it’s all about completing the 30 minutes so I focused on that in between gasps for air. I must have got something right, because the last 15 minutes or so felt really good! Both breathing and pace under control. Surprisingly, the end result was a slight improvement on my average pace 😊


Challenge 1: M25 on a Friday afternoon

Challenge 2: Home an hour later than planned, getting dark…

But I so wanted to do this run today! Changed as quickly as I could and got off to a good start, breathing good, pace felt good and legs with me. When I approached the first part of the “tree tunnel” on my route it became clear that I would not be able to do my usual two laps. I know that for some of you changing route during C5K is really helpful. For me, sticking to the same route means tangible and visual evidence of progress + comfort zone. Told myself that today I am strong, so onto Plan B: straight up the long hill, where I steamed past a runner who slowed down to a walk halfway (how unbelievable is that!!!). Still feeling strong as I reached the plateau and carried on along the dimly lit road, and unfamiliar territory. Not sure how my limbs would bear up with all this tarmac. No stopping now. Still felt strong. My strength sapped the last 5 minutes which was gently uphill all the way. Not great planning. I slowed down a lot but didn’t stop. Map My Run said marginally better pace at almost double the elevation gain compared to my normal route! 😆

Plan to run my graduation run on Sunday, yeah!

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Good work Dragonflies! it sounds like you’ve learnt a lot about yourself and your route on those two runs. Loved the bit where you tell yourself you’re strong (you are!) ...and passed another runner 🤩

Keep running that hill, it will just make you stronger now. Use everything you’ve learnt to make Sunday a fantastic run - plan what you can plan and take everything that you can’t in your stride, I’ll be pushing my way to the front to cheer you over that finish line! 😁💙🙌🤩🥇

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you ThunderSloth for cheering me on, it helps me a lot! I’m still giggling on the inside every time I replay the moment I passed the other runner on that hill 😂😂😂

Well run you & hills too, very admirable!!! I altered my route so l would run down mine😁. Sounds like your doing fab with the extra bonus of improved time too. The podium awaits you for Sunday, have a great run👍🏻

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Oldlady57

Thank you Oldlady, it was a very rash plan B 🤪 Having said that, in hindsight, there were no other options and everywhere around here is hilly so I benefited from downhills too. I really don’t like too steep downhills, then I much rather do it uphill.


Sounds like you've had a great running week so far.

Have a fabulous run on Sunday. I'll be cheering you on to the podium 👏👏💪🏆

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you for all your cheering Jogunlikely! It’s really helpful! Sunday here I come!


So close now... Sunday Run Days are fabulous... well done you!

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

It’ll be my first Sunday 🌞

It’s funny how quicker times ‘occur’ unexpectedly! Always a great feeling when they do though. Sounds like your fitness is progressing nicely. Bring on tomorrow! 🙂

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Faith94

My pace improvements over the last few runs are ever so slight for each run, but I take a lot of encouragement from that. Hopefully it means that my pace is getting more consistent over the whole run and that is something I like 👍


Good luck tomorrow. Not that you'll need it:)

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to DaveMu

Oh, I need it alright! Graduation 👩‍🎓 feels like a big day!


Great runs! Enjoy that graduation one tomorrow.

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you 🙏


Awesome post Dragonflies! You’re absolutely smashing these runs! 🤩

Enjoy your graduation run on Sunday! I’ll be thinking of you! 🙌💪👌

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much Dreams! All you guys cheering me on is really helpful 😁


Inspiring stuff! What a great moment passing that runner. Enjoy your graduation run.

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to buzzards

I’m still grinning 😁

Well done! I’ve just returned from W9R1 can’t believe I’ve just run for 30mins although I can’t imagine what I looked like in the last 5 mins - so close now !

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to Bertmonkey

Looks are overrated when running, it’s all about a sense of achievement 💪

Certainly is 👍🏻

Brilliant Dragonflies ! Good luck for your graduation run tomorrow 😀😀. I start week 9 tomorrow - eek!

DragonfliesGraduate in reply to New_Runner_KD

Thanks, Good luck to you too!

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