Week 6 Run !

Well decided to get myself out of bed and out for a run this morning and my god that was not an easy run to do, I so though it was be a doddle doing 5/8/5 after 20 mins straight on Weds but my legs were complaning today even after 2 rest days but I pushed on and completed it with a great sense of achievement considering how I was feeling during the run. Heres to run 2...

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  • Well done on today's run, you didnt stop and that's great.

    Good luck with R2, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

  • Well done......you are not the only one to find this a tough one! So it's great that you made it all the way through! :)

  • I posted pretty much the same as this yesterday lol - its amazing isn't it.... who stole our legs?

  • AmandaW, I know it's bizarre isn't it? I really thought it would be a breeze today but obviously my legs had other ideas, wheras on Weds it was my head that struggled and my legs that were fine! Good luck with the next run!

  • Thanks :-) you too! It seems from the lovelies on here who've finished, that it gets a bit easier towards the end of the week - last interval run next time - eek!!! Hope someone brings us our legs back ;-)

  • I'm having similar troubles in week 7. Cardio wise I am flying, but it is definitely my legs holding me back. I ran for 25 mins earlier all the way needing to 'crack' my ankles. Seems like we could do with some advice from the experts!

  • did run 2 this morning. I felt it was alot easier that the first run that was tough. Though it did take me a while to get settled into it even considered turning back, but i copped myself on and kept going. I managed to run 3k over the 2*10 mins. Have my first 5k on the May bank holiday so hopefully I'll be able to get a bit further

    Best of luck with the next run just remember you can do it

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