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Feeling Deflated :(

Hi All - I'm a newbie poster to the forum. I completed the C25K programme nearly 2 weeks ago having never run anywhere since Year 8 Cross Country and spending the last 30 years sitting down in an office job. I've loved the positivity and the sense of achievement that every part of the programme has given me and feel massively proud that at 52 I have finally found an exercise activity I can do and really enjoy.  However ..... I am now back on the couch nursing an extremely painful knee helped only by regular ice wraps and Voltarol gel. It was so bad a cuple of days ago that I could not put any weight on it ( I'm a petite 5ft 2 and 8 stone) and could only manage stairs on my bum. There is a big improvement today and i can now walk in a way resembling vaguely normal.

 Will this ever get better? How should I go about building back up to 5k? Cant believe how much I'm missing my running!

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Yes it happens to us new runners unaccustomed to regular exercise.  Your body needs to be strong to support running but it doesn't get there in 9 weeks.  Lay off til you are better and then get back out there.  Run slowly ! ☺

Keep up with the icing!


Sorry to hear about the knee. Hope it mends soon. Of course you will pick it back up, but just need to be gentle on your body - we are only baby runners still.


Yes it will... lots of posts on here about knees..., including my own...( The curious case of the knee that twinged in the night time!)

It is so painful isn't it..but you have been doing the right thing..unlike me, who ran on mine before I realised the problem!!!

I did some very gentle exercises and took the advice of those who know on here..( RICE treatment) .and did not even attempt a walk then a gentle run until I was sure it was okay.

Go very slow and very steady...:)

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It will get better but it needs time. I had knee problems after graduation too (front of the knee and pain walking downstairs = runner's knee). Depends where you have the pain what the problem is.


Thanks for the suggestions and replies every one. Its feeling much better today - keeping up with the ice and some gentle walking :)


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