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Off the IC and back out - yay!

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So my 1st post-grad run over a month ago saw me do my longest distance 4.5k (yay) and pull/tear my calf muscle (boo).  Did as I was told and rested (didn't have much choice) and tried a run a week later and had to stop after 3 mins (boo).  

Since then a few weeks of loveliness of Easter, and extended 50th birthday celebrations hither and thither, including my first hilarious attempt at paddle-boarding.  

And then came Sunday when I was going to go for a row.  Twas a tad wild to put it mildly, and no chance of launching, so I thought I'd have a go at a "gentle jog" in Laura's words.  No targets in mind, just do 5 mins and see how I got on, then 10 and so on.  

4km and 30 mins later and all was good, ok, achey knees but the calf muscle was fine. Feeling it a bit today in my thighs but all good.  Am so quietly pleased that all that 9 weeks work wasn't wasted and that I was back to square one :-)   

And the great thing about only getting out once a month is that Runkeeper tells you you've achieved your fastest run in a month! :-)

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Yeay🙂  You are back...and on fine form! Go you!!!!

It is SO hardto be stuck on the IC. Glad to hear you're back :)

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Excellent!  Take it steady until you're absolutely sure that injury is healed.  You won't lose too much condition if you're doing a bit of something, rather than nothing, for a little while. :)

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Good news.  It's always lovely to see people bounce back from the injury couch. :)

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I bet that felt good to be out running again! Good news that all seemed alright. Best wishes for your continued improvement.

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