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Back to 5k - yay!

My last 5k run was on 8 August. Since then I've went down with all sorts and was quite poorly.

I started running again on 5 September and since then I've gone from 3.3k in 26 mins, to 5.15k in 39.44 mins today.

I hated not running while I was ill, so since I've been better I've gone back to running 3 times a week. Crickey, it's dark in the mornings nowadays isn't it? Have seen it as an excuse to do some shopping...

I've read many posts on here from people being worried about getting back up to previous fitness after illness, and it's something I've worried about, but now I really do know that if you come back with a steady pace and realistic expectations, then you'll get there in the end - and I've just done that!

I'm going to work on my 5k as I want to do a Parkrun. My local one is at Ashton Court in Bristol - it warns of some hills so I want to make sure I'm feeling fully fit and capable before I do that,. just give me a couple more weeks.

Right, I'm off now to enjoy the rest of my cheeky day off - a little trip to Ikea, catch up with friends etc

Have a great day and week everyone.

:) xx

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That's a good post at the moment - lots of people seem to be going down with nasty colds and viruses.

Enjoy your girly day!


Thank you - so far so good :-)


Well done Pink! Glad you're better and have your running shoes back on. All's well with the world when you can get out, even if it is on a dark morning. You're on your own there mind you. Ha ha

I am coming down to Bristol in a few weeks time. Never been there ever before so really looking forward to it. I have a 17 k run planned while I am down there but my husband suggested I put it off til we get back. Hmmmm, I think I will mostly be sneaking my gear into my bag. It's a good way to explore a new city methinks. I can be out and back while he's sampling the local brew


Welcome to Bristol (in a few weeks! ). I love that city. I live in Weston super Mare so it's our nearest. It's pretty hilly in places - I wouldn't want to run round it! There's some great areas with fab pubs.

The shopping is quite good but I'm not really that much into shopping.

I'm still enjoying running in the morning - it's just a good time for my body and the air is fresher and there's less traffic etc But I'm not mad keen on the dark and have tweaked my route to avoid some scary unlit areas.. and of course you don't get to see as much which is a shame. Going a little later this morning was good in that respect - I saw the resident heron in one of the marshy areas :-)

Well that's the Ikea breakfast done, best go and have a mooch..

Hope you enjoy Bristol in a few weeks.



Ta very much. I'm sure I shall. My husband will do the real ale thing and I'll do the shopping. I never liked shopping when I was overweight and not a runner. I love it now though but we don't have any big shops where I live, so getting to a city will be like a kid in a sweet shop for me. Bring it on.

I went to the nearest Ikea with my son recently and I noticed that the place was full of folks having bargain breakfasts and lunches. They looked so good that we stayed for lunch


Well isn't it great you're better and back out there. Well done PA. Good idea to work on 5K distance as your fitness levels will soon bounce back. Going slow is the key - keep moving for the entire run, but go slow. Do this, and you'll be knocking out sub 30 5K's like a mad thing!


"Like a mad thing" - love it!

I'm still buzzing from this morning's run :-)

A 35 min 5k is my current target, and attending Parkrun of course :-)


Its good to be up and running again!! Take it easy and i am sure in now time you will storming up those hills in the park run in no time.

Sounds like a lovely day off! Hope you enjoyed it!


It was great ta.. I did get a little lost in Bristol mind you.. never mind. Had a cuddle with my friend's baby so that was cute :-)


I am always getting lost thats why i hate driving!! Luckily i don't drive in Santiago, i think it would stress me out. Its nice having baby cuddles


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