Abandoned run :(

So 2 nd post grad run and it's not going well. I was really looking forward to getting out this evening not too hot no wind and I felt good ( or so I thought) any way usual warm up and off I trot but disaster at less than 10 minutes my legs would just not work so I had a walk, then tried to run again and again a couple of mins later back to walking and on it went like that for 30 minutes. My legs just would not go my calf muscles felt horribly tight, my legs in fact all my body felt awkward as if it has never run in its life. I only covered 3.4k in my 30 mins and most of that was walking, what's going on and where do I go from here??


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  • Hi Tom

    I did my first run after graduation yesterday and tbh I felt a bit lost.

    I'm not sure if it's because mentally we've now finished the program and don't have Laura to follow.

    More experienced posters will be able to advise better than me, but I would say set yourself s goal do you havd something to aim for. Good luck and let us know how you get on X

  • I think it's something in the air - I'm just about to post about my first post-graduation run which didn't go well either. At least we're all in the same boat, and there's good advice below!

  • Why don't you go back to the last week with Laura and do that a couple more times? You know you can do it, so it's all mind games and gremlins. Just regain your confidence and then think about what you want to do. Good luck!

  • Yes I agree with this. Why not do Week 9 again, you know you can do it. I ran with this for a while just to keep me running for 30 minutes and letting my body get used to it.

    Please don't worry, I am sure a lot of us felt the same , I know I did.:-) xxx

  • My advice would be to take a couple of extra rest days. You've been working hard for 9 weeks, and there may be an element of fatigue.

    Give yourself a break - and remember that any run is better than sitting on the settee.

    Happy running πŸƒπŸ»

  • Don't worry about it Tombenoly, these things happen. Also, don't discount how much your body is still getting used to a 30 minute run.

    Most people suggest consolidating with 3x30 minute runs for a few weeks/months, just to establish the pattern, before extending distance or speed, so don't rush these things. Your legs are telling you pretty clearly to take it easy :-).

    Pushing through discomfort is also part of running but just take into account how much load your body is still getting used to.

    As others have suggested, try having a few days off and then resuming it.

    But most importantly, don't despair, take a breath and realise these things happen slowly :-).

  • I have been there too, and so have many others. Feeling a little lost without Laura. I decided to run with her (w9) once a week (still do), because her voice and encouraging comments help me.

    But I also do other things - have joined a running club and run with them once a week, and do a "long" run in the weekend with my own music.

    I don't know what the best way is, but the post-graduation confusion is very common and as Yatesco says - don't despair - it will pass.

  • Thank you all for your advice. I did have Laura playing but she did nt really help her comment at 5 minutes of you should be in a good pace now All I could thing was er no I needs to stop! I think I ll have a couple of days of and then go for a really slow run, slower than slow and see how it goes.

  • As I said in a reply to Als_mum , you take stock, you savour your success and you run for pleasure. No pressure... slow, steady, however you like with no time limit.

    Choose your path but, be prepared for it to change. Enjoy the lack of urgency and just run. You will find, I think that the way you want to go next will show itself...don't worry the journey continues:)

  • Tombenoly, you listen to this woman! She knows. Run for pleasure.

  • Loving it!!! You are a perfect example of finding your running path and the pure enjoyment of the discoveries on the way! :)

  • Just go steady. Enjoy a run just for the sake of pleasure. No plan, no stress, just a lovely pointless jog. Your legs will benefit as will your head 😊 it's not all about plans, times, pace, progress etc as that can take the pleasure out of it. Of course you may want to move your running on a bit but take your time ☺

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