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W8,R1 Best Face Forward


Well, after last weeks shenanigans I thought I might vary my route (mainly to avoid frightening any Yorkshiremen out on a day trip ;o)  I usually run along the back lanes, but this morning headed into the village and ran a large loop (2.33 miles) along the main road and back home.

What a flipping nightmare. When I run along the lanes I rarely see another soul, so I can sing, puff, sweat and gurn to my hearts content...on todays route there were cars, dog walkers all kind of people out. I felt like I had to go faster, be "perkier" and generally not look quite so close to a cardiac arrest as I do normally; I couldn't even swear at Laura, it was bloody horrible. Back to my beloved lanes for run 2!

On a positive note, random Charlie-shot! I'm not the only gurner in this family :o)

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I have noticed now the weather is getting better that everyone is getting out, and getting in our way!

Love your dog, he looks mental 😃

secanGraduate in reply to LisaRose74

The dog looks mental? You should see the owner, raiding the roads of Yorkshire.. XD

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Tarnation Saverio, you beat me to it AGAIN!

secanGraduate in reply to Hidden

You mean I beat you on the "mental-looking" front? XP

You're damn right I do! :D


Ha ha lovely photo Pam !

One of my pugs does that , his tongue is always hanging out to the side, its well cute ! :-) xxx

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That's nothing Poppy, you should see my husband ;o)

poppypugGraduate in reply to Hidden

Ha ha ! 😀 Xxx


Well done, some runs just do feel like that!  Beautiful doggy!

E xxx

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Can I just say, I didn't trim his ears :o)


Brilliant post...Charlie is a looker! Your route sounds very scary. Maybe the Yorkshireman has gone home...or...he is waiting for you to chase him again...🙂


Thank you! My legs are really tight tonight, tried stretches, I'd really like a hot bath but the hamster is in it at the moment (long story) 😒


Well done Pam,yes me running in daylight isn't pretty  and these light nights wont help either (especially if tonight is anything to go by) and i don't have the luxury of running down any lovely lanes just 2 main roads and a couple of motorway bridges.

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You have to go OVER motorway bridges?? Blimey that's some ascent, rather you than me, I'd never manage a bridge like that and still keep going!

Way to go Pam. Week 8 underway...

I know what you mean about trying to look 'more perky' when you are in plain sight..my secret is  to assume the onlookers are aware that I am doing a LONG RUN... and have to pace myself... crips I could have been running for hours for all they know..😁😤

Be brave and best foot forward. You deserve to feel proud of your achievements.. no need to skulk around in the back lanes. Lol

Seriously though... very well done and almost there..😊🏃

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Thank you and good plan re the LONG run, they only see me as they flash by, for all they know I could be in training for an Eddie Izzard type endurance marathon  :o)


I hate having an audience too. 

Getting through these longer runs now - very soon be graduating! Gotta love Charlie - what a character!

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Thank you, that's Charlie's "special" look ;o)

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