W8 R1 - what's another 3 minutes between friends? 😮

Phew - hot out there today ☀️ and a tough run but I did it 😀

Ran my trusty route and kept urging myself on each time it got hard, to get to the next shady stage.....Actually the extra 3 minutes felt a lot longer than I thought maybe because I finished running further along the route than I thought I would.

Kept my pace steady, had a few slugs of water, fought a few demons, shouted encouragements to myself a few times ("come on girl, you can do this"!!), had a bit of a sing-a-long......you know all the usual things us finely honed athletes do when we are out running 😂😂

Oh and McFitty, I remembered your post about clearing out cupboards as you ran so tried to do some mental tasks too!

Feel really tired and have aches in new places after today (bum, backs of thighs - what's that all about?). My calves still give me a hard time but nothing like the first few weeks where they positively squealed in rage 😂 so there are noticeable improvements even if I am still an out of breath, red faced snail...

btw - the music was awful today - really struggled with it - hope W9 has something better to offer...

Run 2 on Thursday - going to be hot again!

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  • Well done with that one it certainly is very hot today very humid in Cambridge. i am sorry to say the music will still be awful but on a positive note it is only for three runs.

  • Got to see Laura through to the end :-)

  • Yes you have she is our leader

  • Well done for getting through it. I had one of this runs on Sunday I just wasn't really in it at first but managed to push through.

    They always seem more satisfying at the end. So close now!!!

  • You deserve a medal for running today. It's really hot!! Red faced snails are rare and beautiful beasts so be proud :-) If you finished further along than you thought you probably ran faster today. You may now be a red faced tortoise instead - equally rare and beautiful beasts :-)

  • Haha OldPossum I will hold my head high! :-)

  • Well done ! I would like to know why some body parts ache more than others ! I have my own theory about it. Remember the saying "If you want a job done urgently ask someone who is really busy" . Well I think that if when running the muscles that you use more regularly and are used to exercise will take most of the burden. I have always cycled and my thighs tend to ache more than other parts. Also cyclists developed a technique called

    "ankling" when climbing and use every muscle possible even those around the ankles.

    I have found that I think you can consciously use other muscles ? I have improved my technique a bit by doing more of a push and less of a plod which I think has tended to use my calf muscles more and take less pressure off my thighs ?

    I not sure if anyone can point me to something more scientific to explain best techniques and how body reacts. There may be something on this site ?

    Now you did say that your bum aches ? I'm not sure if you may be suggesting that you are the only one who "sits on their bum too long" ? I'm sure we have all been guilty of that sometime! Ha Ha !!

    Anyway all the aches and pains are worth it . Better to have a few aching limbs now rather than something worse in later life !

  • You are right and these aches (not pains) are manageble :-) Think the bum and thigh thing was around finding new un-used muscles after all these years :-)

  • Well done - you went out there and did it, it may have been a bit tougher than you were expecting, and you have found a few more new muscles but you didn't give in, you completed the challenge.

    Brilliant, fantastic, excellent and all the good words that I can't remember at the moment.

  • Thanks - feeling good now!

  • Well done Kate! Maybe you should go out earlier in the morning on Thursday and hopefully you will have a better run!

    I started W8 R1 today as well and found it harder than usual. I normally run on my treadmill but have been trying more outdoors recently. I found a large grass playing field two minutes from my house which I haven't known about for the last 16 years(!) never having needed it.

    In hindsight I really should have gone out earlier when it was cooler rather than in the early afternoon. The temperature was in the 20s by then.

    I agree about Laura's music being an "acquired taste" so unfortunately don't use her as my inspiration or motivation as so many others do but prefer my own music.

    I usually judge time by the number of songs on my phone playlist, so usually finish by the 7th or 8th song. I was finding it hard going though by the fifth one.

    I think I jogged VERY slowly for about 29 minutes and was really out of breath for a change. There was a nice breeze and I tried to keep to the shade as much as possible but I was glad when it was finally over and I could do the cooldown walk and proud of myself that I hadn't given up when it would have been so much easier to do so.

    Maybe the next run will be a bit better...

  • My early morning runs have been hard work - I'm not really very energetic in the mornings but Thursday I may have to :-0 You sounded like you had a good run - well done! It is a good feeling - you are right....Good luck with R2

  • Thanks you too! I wouldn't call it a good run but the sense of accomplishment each time we finish is a great feeling!

  • You mean you didn't LOVE Julie? I am aghast! Where has the time gone? You'll be graduating before you know it! And great big well done for getting through it in this heat. :)

  • Haha!! No I did not 😝 - some of the music has been OK but didn't like todays....never mind...i have a little compilation saved for my post grad run now

  • I am so tempted to skip w7r3 just so I can find out about Julie 😂 but I won't - 1 more run and Julie will be revealed ( so to speak!) x

  • Runners bum is a real thing believe it or not. I had an achy bum after w5r3 but thankfully it didn't last. I had a friend who ached for weeks!

  • How funny - we learn something new each day 😂

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