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W8 R3.......Tomato face!!!!

Hi everyone. Went out today after lunch for my final run of Week 8 and all I can say is PHEW!!!! was so hot out there. After all the runs in near arctic conditions at the start of my C25K journey this one was flippin hard work and there were times when I really thought I'd have to give up. But I kept plodding on, water bottle in hand trying to find shady spots along my route and mostly failing miserably. Fortunately this week my Lycra 3/4 leggings decided to stay intact! Went to Sports Direct and changed the others last week for some Karimmor ones with an internal draw string.....they were going no where so thankfully I didn't flash any flesh today!!! Changing the subject about today's run for a moment, I did have a giggle at the till in Sports Direct when changing the 'flasher' leggings. Girl shop assistant about half my age asked if I was a proper runner!! Wasn't quite sure how to answer that one at first then mumbled 'well sort of' (because Laura said I was) and then told her I was up to 25 minutes non stop on C25K. Turns out she was up to Week 3 herself and we had a good old chat about the program. Anyway I digress!! Despite the heat I managed to complete my 28 minutes and was really pleased that I covered 4.41km. Got home and hubby fell about laughing at the colour of my face. Yep I had gone beyond beet root pink to tomato red!! Not a good look. Hubby even offered to collect our 3 year old from school nursery so that I didn't have the embarrassment of showing my red face but hey who cares, some of the other mums look at me as though I've got two heads anyway because I'm 46 with a son who's almost four!!! Lol. Just put on my sunglasses as they covered a bit of my face and went for it. Roll on Friday for the first run of Week 9....the end is in sight!!

Take care,

Claire x

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Well done - you are doing so well. A good few weeks ahead if me so inspirational. I want to get some 3/4 running leggings soon but am waiting til I feel a bit more of a proper runner! Conversation in Sports Direct made me smile - Keep going - oh and ignore the other Mum's at Nursery - I remember those pick ups - ghastly!


Lovely blog! I really enjoyed the bit about the Sports Direct assistant - maybe she's on here too?!

Keep up the good work - your son will be so happy with a mum who can run faster than him! :)


Lovely blog! I know the feeling of the tomato/beetroot face - I was so hot yesterday as I ran after dropping grandson at nursery at 1pm, (wearing running gear, no mascara and ginger curly hair flying wild like Medusa; much to the normal parents bemusement)

I chose to run Speed from C25K+; so red faced just does not describe it! I got beetroot faced in the snow and ice before graduating, now summer is so not my thing! :-)


Hahah lovely review! "The tomato face" is a common issue, trust me: I am sharing it with you!

Congrats on completing week 8, just one week to go and you'll be a graduate!



Good for you, almost there! The beetroot face is embarrassing but it comes with the territory sadly. I just began wk 5 and had beetroot arms to match my face when I took my top off at home.


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