I got weird heart beats!!!!

Hi All, 

I'm a bit miffed as for the last couple of days I've had a weird palpitation, irregular heart beat thing going on!  It feels as if my blood pressure were really high (it isn't) and I'm being squeezed around the ribs.  Off to the doctor for me tomorrow.  I'm not out of breath or anything but I didn't run today.  I'm sure they'll say I'm dehydrated or it's hormones or something like that, but best to get checked out I suppose.

Anyone else ever get anything like this?

Elsie xxx


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19 Replies

  • Keeping the finger crossed for you.

  • That sounds very unpleasant, Elsie. Think you're very wise to get checked out by the GP before running again. As you say, it's probably something trivial but best to know for certain. Take care Sweetie, keep us informed x

  • Def go to the docs. I am able to run with atrial fibrillation, ectopics and arrhythmia but I am medicated . Hope everything is ok. 

  • I would say maybe stress. Something you worry about? Not the running. 

  • Get it checked out sweetie...better to be sure.!

    I have had a bit similar, not associated with runs, but after a really  busy day when I realised, I had a) not eaten enough and b) not drunk enough!!!

    Let us know.... :)

  • I get similar symptoms, have had them for years.  Got checked out and nothing to worry about but best you get checked to be safe.

  • Yes I had to go to the Doctors New Year 2015 after All through Christmas feeling when I layed down at night going to sleep but it took me ages to get off because heart was doing a little ditty. Found out I had high blood pressure and put on medication I went for a check Yesterday and the C25K is making a difference 😊 And ECG came back as all normal so 👏 It's all going the right way... Go get it checked out just for peace of mind I did just that which after a year on medication made me start C25K and so glad! Good Luck and fingers crossed.

  • I also have palpitations. I have been diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Complex which, while sometimes unpleasant and disconcerting, is not actually life threatening. It's definitely worth getting checked out as when I had my scan done and the Doctor told me my heart was 'structurally sound with no signs of blockages' it took a massive weight off my mind. I could have hugged him! Running does seem to set it off so maybe you have something similar? Don't worry but do get the fabulous NHS to check you out.  Good Luck!

  • You are right to get it checked out.  I found out mine come when my iron levels are a little down.  Women and running together can be prone to lower iron levels..  It's just a quick ferritin blood test.  Hope all goes well and your feeling better soon.  

  • I had palpitations during the menopause, still get them sometimes. It was worse after exercise, a ripple was visible in my bath! I also had extremely high resting pulse rate. Get it checked, let us know how you get on. Good luck xx

  • Always better to err on the side of caution, hope it is nothing serious :) 

  • Sending positive vibes that you are ok xx

  • I did too Curly but there was nothing wrong.  I can get palpitations quite alarmingly if I drink too  much COFFEE!  

  • hi ... yes i was having really bad palpitations i actually posted on here something similar to your post.. i went to the doctor had ecg that came back fine ,,also had blood test which revealed the ferratin levels in my blood were very low ,, a good reading is between 15 and 300 ..my reading was 7 .. i am now taking 3 iron tablets a day and i rarley get palpitaions..still have them now and again but nothing like they were ..get checked out and let us know your results 

  • Good luck with your appointment. I have an arrhythmia as well, now treated, but some of the exercise-related ones are dangerous, so you must be monitored to make sure you don't have one of those. You are wise to stop for evaluation. You can pick up again soon!

  • Hi Elsie, best if you have the doctor do an EKG immediately - to allay your fears. Happened to me lately while teaching in school. Found out it was stress and a possible a diaphragm reaction to foods I ate (acidic). It is scary though. If this doesn't happen when you run, or after you run, then it is not the heart. Your doctor will tell you and I hope you don't have a recurrence. It sounds like delayed stress. Best wishes.

  • Sorry to hear that Elsie - hope it's just something simple.

  • So, what's the response from the doctor?

    I hope it is nothing serious and you'll be back on the roads in no time.

  • Hope everything is alright for you Elsie - sure it will be. 

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