I Got Sunshine in my Shoes

I Got Sunshine in my Shoes

Wow - I got sunshine. There are flag poles opposite my house. When I open the curtains I take a look at those flags - they're a really good indicator of wind-strength and direction and enable me to work out which circuit to run and in which way round - I hate finishing a run into a strong wind unless it's really hot and there ain't much chance of that at this time of year! So instant conclusion this morning - windy, cloudy and very wet - but hey ho - I'm looking forward to this run anyway because my previous one was so brilliant. So I sets out with a big smile and I'm trying out C25K + Stepping Stone which I haven't done before and involves increasing and decreasing the pace. The idea was that I would run a little faster... didn't happen - I managed to up the number of steps per minute but they must have been shorter steps because they sure didn't get me any further than my normal 30 minute runs. I confess to being disappointed but then I thought - hey well I ran for 30 minutes and the empasis has moved from 'can I do 30 mins non-stop' to 'how far can I run in 30 mins' - no question whatsoever about not completing - and this cheered me up and I smiled again and as though on cue the rain stopped, the sun came out and I looked out across the sea and thought - I am sooooo lucky and so glad I took up running - which only goes to show that if you smile then the sunshine will follow you and spread all the way down to your running shoes - which it did and I ran all the way home at a pretty decent trot :) So to anyone starting out on week 1 (which I was just twelve or so weeks ago) and if you are running outdoors, do not be put off by the weather, dark mornings or evenings - go for it, stick at it and it will change your life. :)


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24 Replies

  • Whoa ! What the hell ? * Grabs sunglasses " Ah that's better .....

    Good Afternoon, my very favourite Sandgrounder of all time in the whole world ever :-)

    Sounds like you had a great time out today , you always write such uplifting posts , they are a joy to read.

    Yes, wise words Grasshopper , we are very lucky to be able to get out there and run to our hearts content ,plus it don't cost a bean ! ( Well apart from our wages being paid directly into the Sports Direct bank account for all the gear , but you get my drift :-) )

    I went out on Tuesday night about seven- half sevenish , and it was amazing. It was cold and dark but there was the most beautiful full moon in the night sky and it just made everything look magical. I am not put off by the cold, dark , wet nights at all , the only thing that bothers me is icy paths as I had a nasty accident with my ankle once and I am a bit paranoid now about going over on it , but that's about it .

    Not tried the Stepping Stones , is it worth giving it a go ? Mainly a mixed bag of reactions on here regarding it so I haven't done it so far.

    Fab post Runon, Run wild, Run free my friend :-) xxx

  • Hey Poppykins - wonderful to hear from you in cool sunglasses :)

    Wow running under the moon - that really does sound wonderful you know. Well done you. I've been thinking about snow and ice and it reminded me of those spiked running shoes you used to have at school and if you can still get them (or a computerised version with built in self levelling to protect ankles) today :) I have every intention of running (if I can) through Winter which will make me appreciate Spring all the more!

    I'm reserving judgement on C25K+ until I've finished it. I am not sure about increasing the number of steps per minute (though Laura's always proved right up to now and I'm not in a position to judge) - for me I just end up with shorter steps. A guy I met at the running club and who has whizzed past me in morning runs since has this wonderful kind of elegant but lollopping stride about half a mile long - really long steps but not particularly fast ones, and he seems to beat everyone hands down! I suspect it's all about pace and stride and chocolate biscuits in the end :)

    'Run WIld Run Free' - I remember seeing a film called that when I was a kid about how a young mute boy is brought out of his shell through his affection for a pony. 'Run Wild Run Free' kind of became my mantra after that :) I think Mark Lester played the boy - he went on to play Oliver in the musical film and then allegedly played biological father to a couple of Michael Jackson's children!!!

    Hope your cold is improving m'dear :) XXX

  • Good thinking Runon , yep we can share that mantra, I will have it Sunday, Tuesdays and Fridays , and you can have it all the other times, see, that's me generous to a fault ha ha :-)

    Oh, I wonder if it is all about the chocolate biscuits, I have been told the Oakey Cokey is what its all about , but I do prefer the chocolate biscuits .

    Im drawn to other peoples running gait aren't you ? I do it all the time, cant stop myself , a little obsession of mine .

    Yes, I remember Mark Lester , I think there is definitely some truth with Michael Jacksons children, especially the daughter . Right , I think we have covered everything there , and ..............Breathe :-) xxx

  • Lovely positive post runon. It is so good to reflect on where you have come from and how good it feels to be out and about and running sometimes, forgetting about speed and distance, and just being grateful and enjoying it all. I am just sort of playing around myself since graduation, don't feel ready for the Stepping Stones podcasts yet, but might give them a whirl at some point further down the road. Enjoy that sunshine, inside and out:) xxx

  • Hey MarlyParly - yep running is such fun it is difficult not to enjoy it. To me (and I don't care if it's a bit of a cliche) it is all about rising to a challenge, going back to nature and running with the wind in your hair (no comments about my rather short hair in places please) - combined with that wonderful kind of warm happy feeling which is probably down to chemicals with long names. I just love it.

    Not quite sure about the c25k+ yet - reserving judgement until I've finished them - but it's nice to have Laura back :)

  • Love your post, Runon. :)

    But are those shoes for real? They look amazing and so subtle! Do the 'Go faster flames' work?


  • Thank you Beek you are truly very kind - the shoes are indeed so subtle are they not? And the result of a collaboration between Addidas and the American fashion (contradiction in terms there)* designer Jeremy Scott who appears to live in a kind of no-man's land between Punk and Hip Hop. But they make me smile and if you are smiling then you are running faster or at least better :) XX

    *Whoops - Sometimes I am bad. :)

  • Yes I agree, it's always good to smile! Happy running! :) :) :) :)

  • Love your optimism! Happy running, mate :)

  • Thank you Tomas - and very jolly running to you too :)

  • Woooo, love the shoes. Don't know if I'd dare wear em hereabouts! I doubt they have those at SD!

    Yes. you're quite right about running with a smile across your fizog. I try and do that always. It might end up a grimace sometimes but hey ho

    I ran a 12 k into the wind this morning - with no music -so I had to make my own entertainment. From the jukebox in my head I ran to the long songs I hoped I could remember most lyrics from. Rod Stewart did me proud as did Nina Simone. I ran along singing I aint got no, I got life by good old Nina, and where I forgot the lyrics I just made up my own. The run veritably whizzed by. I finished up with my rendition of Radar Love! I enjoyed that game and can't wait to do it again. Got my arms, got my legs, got my liver, I got life, I got my freedom, I got life! Yay. Ah what fun. I hope I'll be doing this when I'm 90. Won't be long! Ha ha

  • Ha ha fab post Miss W, I think you and Runon should team up as a comedy duo, you are both so so funny ha ha :-

    Oh and get you with your cheeky 12k !!!! That is some achievement , Well done , and with a poorly pandy too , you are truly Xena - Warrior Princess Miss W :-) xxx

  • She good with this 12 K stuff ain't she Poppers. Our comedy duo could be called Runon & Wobble and Poppy you would have to be in there too :) XX

  • Ha ha , we could be C25ks version of the 3 Stooges or the Marx Brothers !

    ( Not that I remember them of course , way way before my time, Ive just seen clips of them on the telly ) :-) xxx

  • You are amazing Miss Wobble!!! I love the idea of you singing along to your internal jukebox. SInging Nina's 'I've got life' loudly whilst running with a grimace might get you placed in a peculiar type of hostelry but who cares because life's a veritable gass! :) I'm sure we will all be doing this when we are 90 because they will have invented 'Runon Forever' Tablets by then :) Tee Hee

  • Fab, fab, fab, FAB post Runon. I just love the optimism (and the shoes, of course) You're so right. Why beat ourselves up about how far we run in 30minutes, when we could be celebrating being able to run for 30minutes? I know we should strive for improvement, but sometimes it's right to just remember how far we've come from sitting on the couch. :)

  • Thank you wise and ancient mum :) It just struck me as the sunny sun came out across the waves just how brilliant and liberating running is. Tip Top :)

  • They are very cool shoes and I would hope they make you run very fast with those flames at the back ;0). I had my first run in the rain today but it was actually OK! I didn't dissolve!

  • They are definitely 'go faster' flames - I will swap the shoes for a go faster hat :) Well done with running in the rain - I love it so long as it ain't too windy. It's really amazing how people are waterproof - we should all have little stamps behind our ears - 'Waterproof to 50 meters' :)

  • Ha ha Ive got 3 sixes behind one of my ears , not sure what it means , must be a kinda birthmark or something :-) xxx

  • Stand on your head Poppykins - you will find it says 999 - the number to call when you are in trouble - obviously you have been built upside down xxx :0

  • Ah yes of course that's it ! I must remember to adopt the handstand position whenever I am in trouble :-) xxx

  • beautiful blog, and how lovely to be by the sea...great running.

  • Thanks JuicyJu - 'I do like to be beside the seaside...' :)

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