Fitbit - whose got one?

Hi folks, been plodding along with C25K, just started Week 2. Enjoying it once I get out there but still having to really push myself to get out. Hopefully it will start to feel like habit soon and take less conscious effort! So I am finding that the focus on running for a total of X amount of minutes is not motivating me as much as I would like - I would really like to see distance covered (and maybe as I progress, speed etc). So I am considering buying a Fitbit watch thingy - as I am aiming to increase my daily steps and activity in general too. Just wondered who has one of these and would you recommend it? Also any advice RE the different models you can get? Alternatively, can somebody tell me how to get RunMapper app to work at the same time as the C25K app?? I could only seem to get one at a time, so I chose Laura obviously.



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  • I use Laura on an mp3 player and strava on my phone. Just bought a fitbit flex yesterday so not fully got to grips with it yet. Good luck ☺

  • hmmm I was hoping to avoid lugging two devices - hence I thought about the fitbit. perhaps this is my best option :/ thanks!!

  • Anything that helps with motivation and interest is good !!!! BUT!! --- if I could have my time all over again ( but it is not possible to unscramble an egg!!), I would take absolutely no notice of pace or distance covered over time ( pace) at all. It is the GREAT SEDUCER!!!! What we all need to do is to learn how to run comfortably for long (relative term) periods of time. The goal of the programme itself is to get us to run non-stop for 30 minutes - after that , the World is your oyster and it is up to you to decide which direction you want to take. But beware of the GREAT SEDUCER -- it will do you no good at all while you are still learning !!! :)

  • haha thanks Bazza!! I take what you are saying, I will beware the great seducer!! time comfortably running IS much more important, however I am curious about the distance aspect. perhaps I should continue planning my routes and looking up the distance on googlemaps to get an idea, this would save me £50 I guess!!

  • When I started C25K I had the podcasts on my phone and Runkeeper going at the same time. Maybe you could try the podcasts rather than the app? I've heard they are better, if you can stomach the music (I quite enjoyed it personally but it's not to everyone's taste) I'd say anything that helps you get out there should be grabbed with both hands, and watching the improvement you will make is very motivating. I got a Garmin, that suited me better than a Fitbit but again that's personal taste. xx

  • I recently switched to the app because I really was sick of the podcast music :-( that's when I realised I had a problem with running both apps at once. ooh never heard of a garmin, will look it up xx

  • Garmin make GPS watches that will tell you your distance, pace and elevation, the higher spec ones will tell you cadence, heart rate, vertical oscilation etc., You get to connect with runners from here too, and see what they're doing... other apps/devices probably do the same thing, but lots here have Garmins

  • I also could not handle the music of the podcasts - so I simply programmed the warm up/cool down walks plus the required intervals for each week into Runkeeper on my phone. That way Runkeeper tells you when to run and when to walk, tracks you via GPS and (unfortunately!!!) tells you the distance covered during the run and the pace!!!! But as I said - BEWARE!!!

  • I have FitBit Surge. Great wee thing. Good for competitions with friends :-)

    Plus you can get bounts - basically, get paid for exercising - using FitBit and Runkeeper :-)

  • thanks! yes I am also interested in getting one because me and a friend who lives a little way away are training to do the same race in march - she's not using Laura, she likes to discuss distances and things so would be good to have a comparison :)

  • I just use Garmin forerunner that I upload to Strava. I download the podcasts to my iPod.

    The thought of going out is usually the worst thing.. I used to hate going out on my mountain bike, messing about with all my kit, water bottles, generally faffing about but loved it once I was out. Same with running, I get my kit laid out ready the night before and then just wash, brush teeth, gargle, kit on and out of the door in 10 minutes. It works better for me that way :-D

  • I would agree with Bazza. Distance and pace are really not of any import at this stage of the game. Yo are training your stamina and muscles/joints etc to the point where you can comfortably run for 30 minutes. Once you can do that it is time to consider distance/speed etc. Examining your stats in W2 and fretting that you only covered 130m in 90 seconds is going to muddy the waters at best and influence you to try and run faster at worst, which is the antithesis of what you should be doing at this point.

    Also once you have graduated and are running consistent joined up distance you may well find your requirements of a watch/gadget are quite different to now.

  • Stick with Laura for the life of the programme as you need to listen to her instructions

    Speed/distance/time etc is not necessary for C25k at all. In fact it's a distraction. You don't want to be going to fast for yourself at this point or you could hurt yourself.

    An idea would be to Graduate from the programme and then treat yourself to a Fibit or a running watch such as Garmin Forerunner etc

    Whatever you decide, just enjoy the programme, it's absolutely fab!

  • great idea misswobble - my graduation present to myself will be a fitbit (or garmin, etc) :D thanks!!

  • As rig & Bazza, JUST DO IT! forget fitbits and the like for now and concentrate religiously on c25k and Laura and graduate, I think you've been at it for some time? Keep at it! we're all behind you!

    As I graduated I got a Garmin and its brilliant..😉

  • thanks dave, I have stop-started for a while now, kept being interrupted by a baby who NEVER SLEPT. lol, but now she is (for the time being) cured, so I am opeful that I will get to the end. heading out for W1R3 tonight and actually looking forward to it. I have my circular route planned out - no danger of crashing into cars, no surprise uphill inclines, should get me near home at the end of the 30 minute. all makes a difference!

  • I agree that distance and pace don't matter at the moment, but there does come a time when it is motivating to see improvement. For me, that was when I got to w5. When I started c25k, I used the app. I experimented using the c25k app alongside the runkeeper app. First time out, all ok. 2nd time out (which happened to be w5r3), they both started trying to talk to me at the same time, and both apps immediately crashed, leaving me guessing how long 20 minutes would be. At that point, I decided I was finding Laura irritating and that I wanted the motivation of seeing distance and pace improve. So I started putting run plans into Runkeeper. That's what I still do.

    I also use a jawbone up 24 to generally record my steps. My runs, recorded on run keeper, sync into it and I manually enter my swims. Keeping a focus on how much I am moving generally has been very helpful, alongside running and other fitness activity.

  • Coddfish, this has been really helpful, thank you. I never thought of inputting Laura's interval plan INTO the other app, so I am not straying from the programme but also getting some stats. tthanks!!

  • I used the podcasts for C25K and hated some of the music but wierdly loved other bits. I have a Garmin Forerunner 620 with heart rate strap and it gives me all the stats I could ever wish for but I only use it for running. I also have a fitbit charge HR which is superb for seeing your daily steps, heart rate and sleep. Also used myfitnesspal app when I was tracking calories.

    Garmin has some very nice new watches 630 and 235 but I can't justify it.

    Good luck

  • thanks gettingfitter, seems a lot of C25K folks have taken to the garmin. I hadn't heard of it until I came on here. what a knowledgeable bunch you are!

  • Getting c25k done & looking after baby are enough to worry about at the moment, think about stats as you graduate, for you numbers don't really matter at the moment..😉

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