I suddenly got faster

I took today off and was looking forward to a good, long run. My plans were thwarted somewhat by a spontaneous party yesterday evening. Son no.1 has finally finished his apprenticeship and as of today financially independent. It's been a bit of a rocky road so we're all very happy and he threw a party to celebrate yesterday evening. He only lives next door and I was quite touched when he wanted me to come round too (and no, it wasn't because the alcohol was running out!) and proceeded to say how much it meant to him that I was there, that he really appreciated his parents etc. (and yes, he was drunk, but he was still quite sweet!). So there was too much alcohol consumed yesterday evening and I went to bed too late. Which meant I didn't get out first thing as I had planned and was maybe not as fit as I should be.

But come the afternoon the cool temperatures and my trainers were calling to me and I set off on my usual long run route over fields and through woods. It was really nice and cool, about 12C, with a threat of heavy rain, so I had to take my dry case with me for my phone, tucked into my running belt, and a cap to keep any rain off my glasses. Sometimes I think it's easier in winter when you can just take a jacket with pockets. It poured down very briefly, just about where I need to decide whether to do the 8 or 10k route and decided me on the shorter distance. And I was surprisingly fast again despite setting out at what I thought was a slower, sustainable pace. Runkeeper kept telling me that I was running well under 7 min/km whereas I would have been happy with about 7:15/km. In fact I ran a PB at 5km (only 2 seconds, but so what!), that's the second this week! I ended up doing only 7k, my stamina wouldn't stretch to 10k at that speed, but it was easily my fastest run over 5k.

Looking at the statistics it seems I am a good 30secs/km faster than usual on long runs. I really don't know where this has suddenly come from (new shoes?), but I quite like it. I ran a PB for 5k on Friday and again today. I got my fastest km and 2km this week - it's all a bit perplexing because I'm not doing anything different. I'm still not speedy, but 6:30/km is now within striking distance and then the elusive 5k in 30 mins is not that far away. If I managed that I would be over the moon!


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  • Well sounds to me like the congradulations are with your son today jsee:) that's fantastic! Always great to hear that the kids done well.. x but go on then.. you are also a star!!! WTG jsee.. great run.. you are progressing really well now.. good to see all that hard work turning you into a darn pretty strong runner x

    Good all round ..xxx

  • Yep, definitely more congratulations for the son! He didn't learn a thing for the exams though (came out with good marks anyway), so not as hard-earned as my runs!

  • Well done m'dear. It's funny how we suddenly get a burst of speed seemingly from nowhere. Put it down to all your training and being relaxed because you set out without any preconceived ideas about speed. Alternatively you could put it down to the running gods smiling down on you, or to the shoe pixies putting fairy dust in your trainers, or even your joy at your son's financial independence. Whatever the reason, CONGRATULATIONS!! As you so rightly say, you're inching ever closer to the magical 30minute 5k. :) :) :)

  • Well done JaySee - those longer runs do improve your 5k speed. It sounds as if you are making great progress!

  • Well done. What a lovely son eh?

  • He's good at heart and seems to have sorted himself out. Between the ages of 17 and 22 he was very "challenging"!

  • Well done 😊 Sometimes everything falls into place. It was your day ☺

    The good thing is that you'll have another 😊

    Good news about your lad!

  • Aw that's so sweet of your son to tell you how much he appreciated you. I bet you were proud as punch!

    That sounds a great run. Don't question how you're getting faster, just take it! 30 seconds faster is a lot and it's all about putting the miles on the legs. The more you run the faster you'll become.

  • He only says things like that when he's had too much to drink!

    And yes 30 secs is a lot - which is what surprises me. But I'll take it - it's very motivating!

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