Week 6 Run 1

Started off on my walk and realised I'd left my Fitbit charging indoors, cue very quick dash back home, all within the 5 minute walk.  Off on the runs, which were mainly spent dodging the debris of storm Katie.  Remembered to have a puff of Ventolin before leaving and spent the first run actually singing along to Laura's cheese-fest songs!

The last run took me into the main tourist area of Rochester, so I felt the need to show off a bit and run like a normal person (rather than my usual zombie shuffle).  It was all good, breathing was fine and was only puffing a bit at the end.  

My run is linear so I'm always 40 minutes away from home when I finish, so I usually catch the bus back most of the way.  However, even in the middle of the storm, I felt so good at the end of today's jaunt that I walked all the way home too.  I've now decided that buses home will be a treat only of it is pouring with rain.

Happy Monday couchers xxx

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  • That sounds like a great run barmy, also like the idea of a linear run. Might look into that myself.  And go you walking back as well, storm Katie be damned!

  • Hi Lisa - the only reason I do a linear one is because I'd have too many steep hills if I did a circular one.  I don't mind as it means I get to walk for an extra 30 minutes or so, which is all good.  I can cope with steep hills when walking!

  • Well done - why don't you just turn around half way through though?

  • I'd rather not come back the way I've just been and see the same things again.  I would it I absolutely had to (if I was somewhere I didn't know) but I prefer this.

  • I run out in one direction too! I like the long walk as a 'warm down', it definitely helps to stretch everything out after. Can't help but think I must look a bit daft to the folk that only see me walking home though! Running clothes, bright red and sweaty yet just at a walking pace! Little do they know my 28 minute snailplodding abilities!!

  • Ha! I think that too about the walk home. Considering that 4 weeks ago, I wouldn't venture out unless it was dark, I guess I don't care that much 😃

  • Your positivity is so inspiring Maggie! Please keep entertaining is with your beautifully funny and witty writing :-)


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