Week 6 run 1 - Gert orf moi laaaaand!

Week 6 run 1 - Gert orf moi laaaaand!

Well the baby needed frrding at 5:30 so Mrs Bean gave me a nudge and told me that as my alrm was going to go off soon i might as well get up.

So off I went, it was cold this morning.

I decided to do a different run today, which took me round the back of my friends farm. It also is a bit off road.

I did the first part, and the last time I did it the 5 minute run took me to the bottom of a steep hill. I think I must have been going a bit faster as by the time I got to the bottom the track had finished and the next one had started then Laura piped up that I had a couple of minutes left - witch!

So I ran to the top of the hill and enjoyed the 3 minute walk to recover after about a minute i was ready to go again!

Lovely run, in the dark morning mist. I have posted a photo of my friends farm house, it looked much better this morning I promise.

As I was running past my friend came out to tell me that I looked a mess, only your friends can do that to you.

So the run is done and I got 2x 10 minutes on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

So back home, muddy, sweaty and happy.

Good luck to you all.

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  • Just got back from week 6 run 1 and found it strangely hard! I too ran a different route, with a few more hills and perhaps wasn't pacing myself properley.

    Well done! - Love that you post photos :)

  • exactly the same feeling, struggled. Run 2 tomorrow eek!

  • your post made me smile. Well done.

  • What is it with this muddy sweaty happy running thing, I'm planning a cross fields route for Sun as enjoyed the run on the Northumberland coast because of the mud... :)

  • Muddy buggers :)

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