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Stepping stones today and it's actually ok

First day of the school hols and eldest son bored, youngest son Ill and husband working.  Lashing down with rain early  on and nobody wants to do anything I suggest. So I take myself off on a windy,damp run and thought I would try stepping  stones podcast today to have some structure to my outing.

Feeling pretty pleased  with myself as I have a) blown away the cobwebs b) got out of the house before everyone's grumpy  mood drags me down and c) completed the whole podcast so run at variable  speeds for a full 30 mins!! 

You may recall that 26 mins has been my limit recently so am well chuffed today. Laura is a star and even thought  the music is a tad annoying it does help you keep the momentum going.

Happy running everyone whatever stage you are at ☺

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Good for you!  Quite right 😊 

I refuse to be grumpy today too even though I was dragged out of bed at 5.15 am to take the dog out.  He's not even my dog😀  

Bit windy for running but I bet you feel better for having done it.  You can be smugly over -happy now for the rest of the day just annoy the kids 😊

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Oh dear someone else's dog at that silly hour.....being woken up by my ageing dog at 6.30 am doesn't seem quite so bad now. He has taken to crying outside the bedroom  door and isn't great at telling the time lol 


Well done - sets you up for the rest of the day doesn't it!

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It does indeed ☺


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