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5K + 'stepping stones' slower but harder

I graduated last week and gave the 'stepping stones' podcast a go, the other day. I've been running 5K in about 34 mins so thought I was pretty slow but the podcast had me running slower. Bizarrely, found it far more difficult to run slowly, almost as if I had work against gravity. It was much easier on my breathing but my lower half is really feeling it, as if I've used new muscles, I should have been using all along! Have I been doing it wrong, for nine weeks ?! Probably not, but weird all the same, huh?!

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Hello and congratulations on your graduation! I found the stepping stone podcast very slow and awkward too - I only did it once because I actually strained a calf muscle trying to make my stride longer/slower in the 150 bpm section - ouch. It depends on your natural running cadence, some people are faster and some slower (though this doesn't seem to have much effect on overall speed). You definitely haven't been doing it wrong.


Yes, 'awkward' is the right word, exactly. I just felt very 'plodding' and ungainly. Quite unsteady too. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've got a short natural stride (and short legs, too) so I suspect this one isn't for me. It's also my calves that feel over-worked plus a bit of the dreaded shin-splint twinge. I'm stretching for England, to try and relieve it. Thanks for the advice.


I've been alternating the three C25K+ podcasts since I graduated last April and find the Stepping Stones one okay now, though it did feel strange at first. You'll get used to it.


First of all, well done for graduating in all this dreadful weather over the past few months. Brilliant!

There are quite a few posts about the C25K+ podcasts if you hunt for them. A lot of people (me included) find 'Stepping Stones' tricky and awkward. Like you, I really ached afterwards so maybe it did something! However, lots of people find 'Speed' really good for building up a bit of speed and stamina. Great, too, as it's short and sweet for when you don't have so much time. I find 'Stamina' good as well.

I suppose try each a few times, mix them up with your regular runs and see whether or not you adjust to them. Do watch yourself, though, as there's quite a few of us (in the 50yr + bracket) who have done ourselves a mischief by getting over-enthusiastic! (Mind you, you're probably protesting "But I'm only 23!!!!!"- sorry if I've inadvertantly insulted you!) :)


Ha ha, not at all! I'm 34 so somewhere between the two :) It's good to know I'm not the only one. I'll definitely give it another go. I've just done the 'speed' podcast and although it was tough, I did enjoy pushing myself. I'm capable of more than I think, who knew?!


I ran Stepping Stones yesterday and really enjoyed it. By the end! LOL


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