5k+ Stepping Stones

As I have graduated the C25K program last week, during my last two runs I used the C25K+ stepping stones podcast.. First, going at 150 & 155 beats per minute is tough, but it is really a push doing the 160 beats per minute.

That being said, it feels great to start speeding up the 30 minute run. As I made the run today, I really enjoyed the brisk air and the fall leaves. Running down an old rail trail as I am brings a great solitude and a chance to reflect on how much more control I have over my life.

If you are just at the beginning, you can do it. I remember when I could not run for the whole first minute. Give yourself a break and it will pay off after the weeks of work.

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  • Nice post. I graduated last week and ran two extra week 9 runs Tues/ Thurs. Today I tried Stepping Stones. I found it really difficult to get the beat, especially 150 which seemed just toslow me down. Coudn't stand the music either. May have a go at Speed and Stamina to see if there is anything in either for me. Otherwise its DIY or Bridge 210 k next. Good luck.

  • janda - I must have really gone slow during the C25k course because the whole thing felt fast to me, but I am with you on the music and needing to look at B210K next. I would like to run a 5k under 30 min, so it sounds like I will be catching up to you. Thanks.

  • Where you run sounds lovely, jcm! I'm just back from trying the speed podcast for the first time - although I have been managing to run for 35+ min I found just 17 min of this fairly exhausting. However I think it'll be worth it as I'm struggling to get 5k under 30 min which is my next goal. I've also done the stepping stones one a couple of times so I reckon I'm due the stamina one. Happy running!

  • oona it sounds like I am just a day or two behind you in the runs I will be doing. I have done stepping stones twice and I want to try speed also, My goal is to get under 30 min on a 5k and then move on to the B210k.

  • Keep me posted on your progress - it'll be interesting to see if the speed one works! I've heard several people on here saying it has for them, so here's hoping! Today I stopped after the 17 mins but I would like to be able to carry on and do at least another 5 mins to finish off. Not sure I want to go up to 10k but never say never! Good luck.

  • What a great commentary - well done!!

  • What a lovely positive post. Today I did week 8 run 2 and am looking forward to graduating soon and moving up to stepping stones. I really value my time to think when I'm running, things that seem so major during the day are all worked through by the time I finish. Keep us posted on your progress with the stepping stones it's really encouraging reading other people's posts and seeing how well they are doing.

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