Couch to 5K

Running again - thanks CouchCarrot!

Well, as a contrast to the graduates who are running amazing distances etc...

I knew that running in warm weather would be a challenge for me (I graduated in February, having run through snow and ice - much easier than hot sun). I did a 5k Race for Life at the end of June, and since then haven't done much - though I hadn't realised quite how little until I looked at my Garmin records - only two one-milers in the last three weeks. Oops.

I've nearly been inspired to get out there again by various others on here, but the one that actually got me moving was CouchCarrot, running in India. I decided that maybe 25 C wasn't so bad really, and I ought to give it a go. It was very sticky, and I really didn't like the bit in the middle where there was no shade at all. I seriously considered stopping.

However, I could see a dog walker ahead, and thought maybe just for once I could actually overtake one (instead of them overtaking me, as happened in my graduation 'run'). So I kept plodding on. I thought I'd stop at 30 minutes, but then that seemed like cheating, as I'd started at a higher point so there'd been more down than up, so kept going. I did consider keeping going for 5k, but at 45 minutes I was back to my starting point, and I'd just had enough. Walking for the cooldown felt pretty horrible - my fingers seemed to have swollen up a bit and felt as though they were throbbing if I let them hang by my side, which was a bit weird.

It was pretty slow, for just under 3 miles, but that's the warmest I've run in, and I was quite out of practice, so I'm happy. So - thanks CouchCarrot, for the inspiration!

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Glad to see you back. It is hard running in this heat and it does take it out of you. Well done for going for it.


Thanks. :) It's good to see lots of familiar names again now the new site seems to be settling down a bit. Wish they'd sort the tags out though - for a post about running in the heat, it's picked out some odd words!


Glad you're back at it. Those of us who started out in the winter will probably always prefer the cooler weather. That heat is a killer. I tried a hat and my already hot face felt like an absolute furnace Never happy!!


I ran without a hat for a change, as it was later in the day, and realised that it doesn't just keep the sun off, it also stops my hair going in my eyes!


Phew running in the heat is really tough. Mine has really taken a step back in the last month. I aml also on hols in hot sunny Spain next week-I will take my running shoes -but only looking to keep my feet in the game and not gain pounds. Then re-group in the autumn for cracking 5k in 30 mins and build up to a 10k.

Well done for keeping at it


Well done greenlegs, it is not easy at all to run in the heat. You get too tired too easily. I started in Feb, remember, in the cold, covering from top to bottom and wearing a woolly hat to disguise myself and running in the neighbourhood not wanting anyone to recognise me!! (Ooops!) Then to run in the heat almost kills me. I sometimes go for the run very late when the sun is not too strong, means I have my dinner late, which is not good.

You must be proud to do such a run in such heat, especially when you are not used to running in the heat. I don't think the heat will last too long, so we can feel a breeze while running..good luck to you greenlegs, you have been such an inspiration to me in the past!


Hi Di, yes the tags are definitely strange for this It's great you got out there and did it, and remember the time doesn't matter, that will get better when it cools down again. I was always an evening runner, but since June I have been running in the morning. I get up between 5.30and 6am depending on when I have to start work. It is a killer getting up so early but it is lovely to run at that time :) Once it cools down again I will go back to evening running....I'm much better then. Keep going and enjoy it :-)


Hi Greeners (and everyone else!)

Am finally back on the site albeit only with my phone, the laptop still won't connect. I know what you mean about the the heat, it totally drains you. I'm managing to get out but times and distances are suffering, it just feels like there is not enough air to take in. Very strange! Never thought I'd say it but roll on cold, crisp air :)


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