Running Again!

I'm back! :) Have not been around on the forum for a while but having now completed my MSc will have a bit more time on my hands to revisit my favourite forum!

I tried my first run with my new shoes a couple of weeks ago - the shoes were great but the runs were horrible. Repeated W1D1 of the podcasts and breathing was fine (running intervals felt SO short! Can hardly believe how long they felt at the beginning of C25k) but legs were a mess. I was always good at running through the aches but the injury totally knocked my confidence to keep going in case I do damage again. Also, in order to check that the shoes felt ok I did the runs on the treadmill in case I needed to send them back. The long and short of it is that the runs were awful.

I left it another week and then decided to bite the bullet and just run outside again. Why is it we're so good at giving advice to others but not listening to it ourselves? I should have gone outside straight away instead of going back to the treadmill! Both runs were great. I purposely kept them short - the first was 7 minutes and the second I upped it to 10 minutes. Felt fine! Will start back from around Week 5 of the podcasts and go from there.

SO glad to be running again and getting back out there! I have all my new gear to use too which I bought to cheer myself up whilst injured. :) Hope you're all doing well and will be slowly catching up on the forum's escapades from the last few weeks! :)


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26 Replies

  • Welcome back. Great to have two good runs under your belt to help build your confidence. Your excitement about being back running shines through your post.

  • Thanks!! Feels so good to get back to it, like completing that first day of C25k all over again! :)

  • Hiya melly b great to see your back out there! I've not had much time on the forum either past few weeks so also catching up with everyone's progress :)

    What injury did you have? Glad it's on the mend.. it takes a while but youl soon be back to full speed ahead :) I fractured my knee on week 8 and set me back about 10 weeks.. but slowly we get there, just have to be frustratingly sensible x good luck x

  • Eight weeks out with peroneal tendonosis caused by my rubbish cheap shoes. I'm all sorted now with some new brooks and hokas after a gait analysis so hopefully won't recur. So frustrating as you know but frustratingly sensible is good advice. I was pleased with 10 minutes for my second real run out with no aches or pains today so will take it slowly from here! :)

  • Hi there.. welcome back you!

    Slow and steady...( ring any bells)? Just enjoy the return journey :)

  • Thanks Floss! Haha, slow, slow and slower still, how could I ever forget! :)

  • How indeed..😐 But it works...😄

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend. Sounds like you have a good plan to build up sensibly - just take your time and I'm sure you'll be back to strength soon.

    Congrats on your MSc by the way!

  • Thanks, Ully! Must remember to go slooooow and not push too much too soon! :)

  • Hello you... was wondering where you were. Glad everything is okay and the runs are starting to feel good again and glad too that the shoes are doing their job! Just out of interest, did you go up a size or a half size from your normal shoe size? I was told I needed a full size bigger than my normal shoe size and the more I'm wearing them, the more slippy they're becoming at the back. I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen or not.

    So glad you're back on the chatty pages :) and congratulations on finishing your MSc!

  • Thanks, McFitty! I usually take a 6 and think I actually ended up with a 7 and a half in both the brooks and the hokas! The guy in the shop fitted them for me though and I have put heel lifts in to help with the fact I'm used to high heels. I don't think your heels should be slipping out though? Do you lace them tight enough (the guy in the shop laced them sooo tightly which he said was how they were supposed to be!)? Perhaps some insoles or something might help?

    Hopefully I'll be back engaged with this fantastic community now (well, until I go on holiday in two weeks at least!)!

  • Thanks Melly, sounds like it is normal to go up a size then. I'm going to have a play around with the laces :)

  • Our lovely Melly, Welcome Home :-)

    Good to see you back on here and up and running again .

    Sounds really promising that youre back on the mend .

    Heres to injury free running for you :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, missed everybody and now I've been skulking around the forum for a few hours I can't believe I did a few weeks without it! Fingers crossed no more injuries, starting with a sensible (and slow) build up again!

  • Hurrah! You're back! Praise the Lord and hide the silver! (traditional greeting when any of us go home ;) Seriously - great to have you back again and ten out of ten for being sensible about easing back in :) looking forward to YOUR reports of escapades now you are running again :)

  • I am, I am! I just need to remember to stay sensible and not get overexcited and carried away going too far or fast. Hopefully no escapades to report for the next two weeks as I ease back in - I'm desperate to be able to run on holiday in two weeks so fingers crossed will save the interesting runs and reports until then!

  • Holidays? Barbados? :)

  • Nope, backpacking in Myanmar!

  • I am desperate to do some runs around the jungle temple complexes! Whether that happens or not, we'll see!

  • Even better than Barbados :) I never did make it to Burma - as we knew it then - but I did once find an abandoned Temple in the hinterlands of Bangladesh. :) Totally serendipitous discovery and ever since I always pause to catch teh temple scene in 'The Jungle Book' movie if it happens to come on :)

    You ARE bringing your 'Travelers Survival Kit to Myanmar' I hope? :) And if not - hie you to the nearest bookstore and get a copy. And while you are there see if they have the first edition of the guide to BD - you might find a portion o fa name in the Contributors section that may ring familiar ;)

  • A contributor, really? That's amazing! I've been to India but not made it to Bangladesh - yet. On the list, as is everywhere else! Following in my parents footsteps who saw Burma in the early 80s. I have my lonely planet book and a copy of George Orwell's Burmese Days. The rest I was hoping to make up as I went along...

  • Did your folks happen to make there way to Burma via Calcutta or Bangladesh perchance? Could well be one of those 'What a small small world' events... :)

    I would be most interested n what BD is like now. In my time it was under the Dictatorship of Ershad, it was about forty years behind India and where I was based the last Westerners they had seen were WW2 Troops :) I met with little but kindness and hospitality and nobody ever gave me any hassle about being 'christian' but unfortunately, going by reports lately, things are changing for the worst there also, a lot of sectarian violence unfortunately...

  • Wow, sounds like an incredible experience! They didn't make to Bangladesh but I have their travel diary in front of me and they were in Calcutta from 19th October to 22nd October, 1981. They mention a Spanish man and an Israeli girl - no Irish John but you never know...!

  • That was a year or two before my time :)

  • Melly! Wonderful to see you again. And even more so to hear that you are running again. I was beginning to fear that you had given up on the whole thing and sold all your new and unused gear on a flea market :-)

  • Hi Iben! Great to be back on the forum and felt brilliant to be out there again! I did keep saying to my boyfriend how worried I was that I wouldn't start up again but he did remind me that, as I was talking about it so much there wasn't much chance of forgetting about running... Nice feeling to snap those tags off of my new gear! :)

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