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W4R3 Gremlins, Stitches & disappointment!

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Hi all

Decided to do my R3 this morning, worst idea I could have had. 10.15am, beautiful sunshine & off I went. By the end of the first 3 min run I was hot sweaty & not feeling great.

Slowed to even slower than slow ready for the first 5 min run but only managed to run for 4 mins! Felt anxious, panicky & simply like I could not do it. I actually wanted to cry :( The sun was really hot & I just felt like I couldn't cope.

I also got my first stitch, that was not pleasant at all. Anyway I thought I might as well just give up & go home so on my second 3 min run I thought well I'll run it as normal but head straight home, I was feeling so disappointed in myself. The gremlin on my shoulder was laughing telling me I couldn't do it & need to re do W4 all over again. At this point I seriously felt rubbish & how I wasn't in tears I do not know. I was so hot, my face bright red & huffing & puffing like never before.

So the 3 mins was almost up & I thought no I'm not giving in. I turned left & carried on my normal route rather than turning right & going home. Ran the 5 mins with a stitch as it kicked back in & added an extra minute to make up for the min I lost on the first 5 mins.

Finally made it home but I felt sick, dizzy & was more out of breath than W1R1. Took me absolutely ages to come round & im really upset & disappointed with myself.

I think I definitely need to stick to my evening runs, a bit chillier & not as bright. I've never had the nausea after a run before & the stitch was a new one too but I did it even if it wasn't as I expected.

It's the first time I've actually been worried about having an 'episode' after a run & its knocked the stuffing out of me to be honest. I think I'd gotten a bit complacent by not taking my medical ID or heart monitor out with me. Think I'll get my Fiancé to run with me on Tuesday just to be on the safe side :(


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Chin up Vicky it's still really early days and your body is still getting used to the extra demands you're placing on it.

We all have bad days and they feel rubbish, best to just hit that reset button and start the next run afresh.

You can do it 😀


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vickyb5277 in reply to B0bP

Thanks Bob x

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Thats tough Vicky, but you know what they say "all days are not good days" so glad you stuck to it. Do you think you may have gone off too fast? Good luck with W5.

I think I may have started off a touch faster than normal but I think it's because it was morning, sunny & such a beautiful day. I realised I was going a touch too fast & slowed down to my usual snails pace of just quicker than a brisk walk lol.

Just one of those days I guess. My fiancé goes in the gym twice a day doing the same workout & says he has days where he really struggles even though it's no different to the previous day. Guess it happens to us all.

Will stick to my usual evening runs from now on.

How are you getting on? Xx

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Ah Vicky, I definitely know where youre coming from , as I too found it very hot today and it was a bit of a shock to the system tbh !

It happened, just file it away as a not so good run and move on . You did it , thats the main thing .

Chin up, dont let it get you down , these things happen. Hope you feel better :-) xxx

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vickyb5277 in reply to poppypug

Thank you lovely :) x

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Hi Vicky.

So sorry you had a bad one.

If it makes you feel any better that's exactly how I felt on r2 this week, it was just after midday, really warm and I felt wretched all the way through and I was dreading my next one. For r3 I went back to a slightly earlier time and the weather was a lot cooler and it was SO much easier. I'm not sure what your health issues are but if I were you I'd get back out on Tuesday and go for it. You have nothing to lose and you might just surprise yourself. xx

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vickyb5277 in reply to JennyH10

Thanks Jenny. I'm a bit calmer now after reading on here & obviously the day has almost passed lol. Back on it Tuesday I will NOT give up!! Xx

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You got out and ran, that alone is success. As the weather gets warmer, remember to dress cooler and slow down. I'm affected by heat big time and I'll feel dizzy and nauseous if I go too fast for the temperature. I find this improves with continued running.

Chin up, no disappointment. Consider this a learning experience on how to handle changing seasons.

Thank you. The problem I have, well the few actually lol, is because I'm overweight I'm trying to cover up my tummy & bum which means wearing my fleece jumper or my running jacket which is fine when it's cold. The other is I'm not allowed to get too hot because of my illness & dizzy/lightheadedness are a few of the symptoms of me having an 'episode' so I'm stuck between a rock & a hard place but the exercise is good for me & my consultant cardiologist is happy for me to do the C25K.

Frustrating isn't the word lol


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miss_augustGraduate in reply to vickyb5277

Sorry if this is not helpful but would several thinner layers be possible? Lighter jacket? Long tops can cover quite a bit (I cover my bum with mine as I don't like my bum being so 'obvious' in leggings, hah!) but you're a bit less roasting. I do understand your concerns but worry about you getting so hot. With the sun beating down it can make you feel really rough. I had that while hillwalking last year, wasn't pleasant!

Thank you for the suggestions. I only wear leggings, a vest & either my fleece or thin showerproof running jacket. I might just have to swap the vest for a long t-shirt instead but I need 1 pocket as I'm supposed to carry my heart monitor with me. It's only the size of a small camera but the belt clip pulls my leggings down hahaha ;)

I'm sure I'll sort something, thanks so much x

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miss_augustGraduate in reply to vickyb5277

I hope my comment wasn't too annoying, like one of those people going "have you thought of THIS?" and you going "er, yeah, I have, shush". haha! It was just because I can empathise with the 'getting hot' thing. I get really cold ears easily so I have to usually wear a hat but then if it's also sunny it can make me feel really weird. The leggings thing I can relate to too! My colleague who is into running gave me an armband thing, you can put your phone in it (I use my phone to time my runs at the moment) so you don't have to lug it about, wondering would that sort of thing fit your monitor? She said she got it on Amazon for not very much, thought it might be worth suggesting just in case!

Haha not at all annoying. I have the armband thing for my phone, it annoys me lol. I'm looking at getting the sleeveless jacket, they're only thin so I'll just put over my vest top. I need the pocket really so it'll be worth looking round for something suitable. My phone goes everywhere with me. When doing my runs I have the C25K app, mapometer & Amazon music app all running at same time, I'd be lost without them haha x

I'm poking that gremlin right in the eye for you Vicky ;) You can do this, today was what's technically termed a dodgy run, next time out is going to be MUCH better. Don't feel down, you're doing so well. Nice, cool, comfy running gear is definitely needed now though, get that fleece ditched and don't worry about any wobbly bits (wobble mine in public merrily 3 times a week - nobody pays a jot of notice!). nice and slow, breathe deep, keep hydrated well before you run. Come on Vicky! :) x

Awwwww thank you. I am so hung up on people seeing me wobble, I just can't face going out without something covering my tummy. I've bought some lovely black running leggings & a nice running top but I NEED to cover up lol. I don't want to as I do get really warm but I'm just wobbling all over & hate that people will laugh at 'the fat girl trying to run' xx

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Running-scaredGraduate in reply to vickyb5277

Got somewhere quiet you can run until your confidence comes up? I run my local canal towpath, nobody to see me except ducks and elderly dog walkers, they don't care! Sometimes I feel embarrassed by my face - I turn the colour of beetroot when I run and must look a fright, but hey, we're out there, getting fit and going for it... Most folks will cheer and commend that... Those that don't, stuff them! x

Awwww - having a bad run is not nice! Put it behind you now. It's done but it's an experience you can learn from.

If it makes you feel any better, the first 10 minutes of my run today were horrible too. I had an awful stitch (not enough liquid in the morning) and I felt hot and bothered. Sound familiar?

Don't let it put you off. You can do this. Just take it slow and steady. Good luck ☺

Awwww must have been the day for it!! Good luck to you too :) x

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It may happen at any stage and, as long as you learn something new about yourself and your running, it is not a failure at all.

At the end of the day, as the day goes, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

It happened to me too, at my first run in daylight - which was also my first post-graduation run. I ran my fastest 5k so far but I almost fainted at the end and I learned how daylight and having other people around can impact your perceived speed. It took another run to re-adjust my pace but now I can comfortably run during the day (although I still prefer the silence of my evening runs).

So, in conclusion; forget the heart monitor (your body sends you clear signs, just listen to it), cheer up and jump back on the horse. You can do it and you'll be fine! :)

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vickyb5277 in reply to secan

Hi Secan

The heart monitor is because I have a heart condition & an implant in my chest. The monitor reads that if I have a faint/seizure so i have to carry it with me at all times, it's not for me to check whilst running like the other gadgets you get, it's from my cardiologist x

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Get a nice long baggy tshirt - then you can be cool and still feel covered

You could try a cycling top - they have big pockets in the back usually - or a slim bum bag - I got mine from Decathlon as I couldn't bare that thing tight round my arm either - the bum bag fits my phone and some tissues so should fit yours and your monitor?

Don't disappointed in yourself - you could easily have turned right but you didn't you chose to keep going - that showed guts - be proud.

Thank you what lovely words :) x

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Don't be so hard on yourself Vicky :D We all have days when we're just not up for it and this was one of yours - no biggie! I think we're all very quick to chastise ourselves when we should really give ourselves a break :D Write it off, and try your best not to let it get you down. Give yourself a rest and go back out on your next run full of optimism and smiles. You can do it!

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vickyb5277 in reply to hannah141

Thanks Hannah, W5R1 tonight & going into it just as I do all my runs, knowing it will be hard but knowing I will do my best to complete it x

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hannah141Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

You can do it, we're all rooting for you! x

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