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Gremlins hit!!


Have always listened to music when I run - blocks out any thoughts of what I’m actually making myself do!!

So today - taking on the wind, slippery leaves, puddles and the occasional windfall apple 🍏 I prepare myself

Music ✅

C25k app ✅

Map my run ✅

Can’t delay the inevitable any longer so off I go

Jo reminds me how well I’m doing and to keep going then .........


Takes me a while to realise - something is definitely different but what???

Where’s my music?

Approaching end of 5 min warm up

Panic !!

SORT OUT THE MUSIC - quickly I can’t run without it

Jo begins the countdown

Music says it’s loading

I’ll have to make a start and wait for it to load


Hang on

Wait a minute!

I’ve walked past my usual end of 5 min warm up spot

( and I’m going against the wind - I need alll the help I can get in the return route - wind with me has got to help!)

So the 25 min run begins

5 mins in Jo pops up - still no music

I’m gauging time by milestones along the way

Get to half way point of previous run - where’s Jo? Has she stopped working too?

Check phone I’ve still got over a minute until I’m halfway in to today’s run

I keep going - silently

Halfway reached - and I turn

Avoid today’s obstacles and return home

25 min run completed

No music - nothing to do but clear my headspace AND actually think about running

Ran further than ever before

0.32km than previous run

Maybe music isn’t for me after all - perhaps the Tech Gremlins have done me a favour 🎧

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Blessing in disguise sorta thing. The tech is a bigger pain in the arse than the actual sessions 😃

You kept going! You are stoic! Immense! 💪👍🏃‍♀️✔️

Windfalls! Not just apples! I got smacked on the head by a lump of solid guano, dislodged by mating pigeons. This is under the railway bridge where I run 🙄


Oh no!!

Hope it wasn’t too painful and didn’t upset your stride too much!!

I’m grateful it was just apples 🍎


Interesting, I might try, maybe the music is a life raft that is no longer required?

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That’s exactly my thoughts

Perhaps it’s time to accept that I’m a runner who runs!!

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Running free with no tech or nothing is lovely

You can do that as post graduate students 🙂 One of the many running pleasures that are just round the corner

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Love this post 😂. I too start to panic if my music (or Laura) doesn't want to accompany me on the run. However, I've heard friends say that they've stopped listening to music whilst running. Rather, they focus on their breathing and surroundings... Not sure that I'm brave enough just yet to leave Laura or Spotify at home 🏃 🎶 🎧

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I’m not sure I’d want to do it every time but it was definitely a different run AND something I’d do again - found my inner calm - against Storm Brian too!!

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Strange how we think we need these things to succeed. The fact is you made yourself succeed. Well done 👍


That’s true - though truth be told it’s C25k that does the work - I just do what I’m told!!


Well done on a great (silent) run..!!

If my music had failed, I'd have had a melt down and gone straight home 😂

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IF it does just give it a go - you never know you might surprise yourself

I do every time I go out for a run on this program

Surprised I decided to start C25k

Surprised I managed to complete Wk1R1

Surprised I completed wk 1 wk2 etc- week 8 starts tomorrow - yes I’m surprised!!

Surprised I’ve just brought a new pair of running leggings - from Aldi on advice from fellow runners on here

Surprised I paid nearly £50 for running shoes a few weeks ago

Surprised I’ve signed up for The Poppy Run

Hopefully I’ll be surprised when I graduate in 2 weeks too (fingers crossed)

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